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More New Features coming for ML?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Oblivion2500, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Is there going to be more features coming to Mountain Lion before it comes out? All I see is a few new softwares and iCloud+Twitter support. (about 20 new features).
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    Mattie Num Nums

    I hope so. Most of the things they have added on just means more boxes to uncheck after I install the OS.
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    I expect some sort of filesystem announcement. Lion included core storage, Mountain Lion is due to do something to fix/replace HFS imho.

    Given the ZFS files found in iOS recently, i hope it is ZFS related :)
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    no chance of that, imo. That needs loads of testing and would've shown in the dp builds by now.
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    Indeed, and it won't be ZFS when they do revise the FS.
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    I have hopes for the next the next version after ML, but doubt it will be zfs.
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    You're probably right but i still hope.

    ZFS has been tested in both Solaris and FreeBSD for about 10 years now, the filesystem itself is stable, and the code is in IOS.

    My thinking was that with the recent Intel chipsets that can use flash as hard drive cache, ZFS would be ideal as it has built in support for caching to SSD.
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    I hope not, I hope they start working on on refining the code and fixing the many issues of lion. Lion is broken, safari memory leaks, preview crashes, smb shares work poorly, page in and outs happen frequently for no reason, memory takes too long to be released, and it seems apple has stop putting due care in making a robust and reliable os, the last one being sl, and just started slapping one flashy feature on top of the other. No wonder almost all the pros have not switched to lion. Like I said lion is broken and it's sad to see mountain lion rushed to the market to meet windows 8 without its predecesors problems being adressed.
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    from Daring Fireball's Mountain Lion Briefing.

    Not mention feature 11 made public by the LLVM team.
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    Gruber's arch kissing and his sense importance about apple is pathetic, you think he's about to be debriefed by mi5 and sent to Lagos to hunt for counter spies for drugs and arms smuggling. What an absolute tool.
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    For me, Lion is akin to Vista. After a few service packs, it runs well enough, but it wasn't as well ironed as XP was when it came to everyday usage.

    Hopefully MT will be to OS X as Win7 is to MS Windows.
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    I dunno. I haven't had any issues with Lion. Then again, I never had issues with WinME or Vista.
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    My main notice with Lion is that it seems to handle being up for long periods of time less well than SL did. If I have it up for 7 days or so I'll get interface "lags" every 20 minutes or so until I reboot. Also kernel_task was less greedy.
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    I have lag issues with my work MBA after a few days but not my personal MBA. The main difference between the two is the software, work MBA has Microsoft Office and VMWare Fusion (running Win7) while my personal one has neither Office nor VMWare Fusion. A reboot fixes the slowdown as you said.
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    Sorry about consecutive post, thought it would add it automagically.

    Kernel task seems much more greedy, and living your Mac on without a restart is a thing of the past now (we used to brag about it to our windows using friends). These are all evidence of sloppy code optimization for the internals of the os. It's very apparent to some of us that apple hasn't simply done the work they had to do with lion's backbone, maintenance and improvement. To them this is not a big deal since by obsoleting old macs and making new macs not anything special in terms of performance, especially lowered specked ones people will need to buy more soon.

    The new intel CPUs, the i series are truly incredibly engineered equipment, that run circles around even their 2-3 year old counterparts. Yet this increase in power is simply not reflected in the os anymore. Its hard to believe a new Mac, such as the mid range mini I bought a month ago, would be so laggy with word excel safari, chrome and preview running and all with few documents and the browsers with 8-9 tabs. Especially browsing on os x even with flash blocked is unreliable that it should be such a mediocre experience in this day and age.

    I have legacy hp windoze xp with pentiums from 8 years ago or so and chrome there opens one tab after the other like a breeze yet it stutters on lion, and ok say chrome is google, safari seems even worse.

    It's a shame though to see that were sl breathed new life in older leopard macs by optimizing them lion is doing the opposite. I don't know of anyone in my community of Mac users who would suggest in all good conscience that anyone with a pre 2010 Mac switch to lion.

    It's not a small thing to develop and maintoan an os, it's probably one of the more complex tasks a team could be engaged with, and when proper development doesn't take place it shows. It's crystal clear to me that apple isn't putting enough resources in os x. The same team that did only os x has been split into ios and os x for the past few years and is has taken its toll on os x.
    Apparently also as apple likes to have small teams in their development their spreading out in other projects such as iTunes and store, iBooks author, iCloud, Xcode course etc. etc. hasn't helped either.

    When sl leopard focused only on code rewriting and optimization, the team was effective, and sl was a better leopard. In lion the focus expanded to include ui enhancements, some of them not so well thought out btw, and certainly not well implemented. I think this shift of focus didn't allow for enough development and maintenance, and you can certainly tell.

    Apple has grown very, very large and spread out in many software endeavours and they have been using pretty much the same resources for this development.
    Lion might seem pretty good, or even great on a latest Mac with what are insane hardware advances (compared to 3 years ago say) in chip technology, ssd speeds, memory speeds ect, yet the software hasn't come close to matching the engineering of the hardware.

    My PowerBook g4 handled the word, excel, safari, preview scenario at 1.25 gbs of ram, with hardware that was one could say close to 6-8 times worse, it's inconceivable how a i-core 4gb ram mini doesn't simply fly. And I challenge anyone to put windows xp, or 7 on an older say circa 2006-2007 Mac and report to me cross their hearts which os is the faster one, and this comes from someone who's been one of the people most against ms. The irony in that is that this hasn't come with any real advancements in core features such as the file system say or resolution independence.

    I would comprehend how a zfs os x might be showing an older macs age, but on a newer Mac it offered the benefits of a modern os. When your hardware manufactures are reaching dizzying heights with lighting fast ssds (that you take ages to support by proper trim support), CPUs that are amazing, and memories that fly and you can't get a team to bring some real core os software engineering advancements in ri or zfs in 7 years but you instead tout some half baked ios looking additons such as autosaves, auto kill off of apps, launchpads, windows restores, and (finally) a workable version of MobileMe that isn't pure crap as it was (not my idea, sj's and he said it on a keynote) with some additions (iTunes match, photo stream) and some substractions (keychain sync, iDisk - utter crap, but no Dropbox like feature to replace it) that to me speaks volumes about your os development. It's sad to see the hardware side of apples computers involving such great engineering work and what was one our pride and joy and apple's too, os x, involving so little great engineering work and technical innovation.
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    Sky Blue

    Other than small refinements in further DPs and the GM, there will not be any more new features.
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    My sentiments exactly!

    What happened to the "stay hungry, stay foolish" spirit at apple? It has become an obese company sitting on a huge pile of money. Primarily investing it in their moneymakers (iDevices) to generate even more profit and ripping us all off. And with the rest of their budget, well, instead of spending it on true osx innovation and performance enhancements, they spend it on marketing bs and eye candy to fool average joe into buying a pricey mac...such a shame. RIP Apple.
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    I agree. I've always wanted a Macbook Pro and I will still buy one. RIP Apple :p :apple:
  19. blow45, Apr 28, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2012

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    @daan amen brother.

    I am still going to buy one as well, that doesn't mean it's rip to the apple we knew. Apple became what it is because the core user base was selling its devices by word of mouth, sadly a lot of us simply cannot recommend apple anymore or not with the fervor we did at least. I certainly won't recommend a laptop by apple, if anyone's not onboard the platform already they can do their work just fine and at a considerably lower premium on a wintel device and the are some really good products out there. I wouldn't buy one, but for very different reasons, some due to attachment, some due to th ecosystem, some due to the unix core, some sentimental ones.

    Sadly these are the forums and we are not close friends here to look back on these a few years along the line and remember what everyone was saying. I for once when 80% of the forum was saying what the hell is an iPad for that they simply don't get what a revolution the iPad will be for a number of different reasons I was pointing out. At this stage I foresee that apple in 4 or 5 years time will start its decline, maybe sooner. Of course I am not clairvoyant and it could well be that apple will just ride along just fine, because it also depends a lot on whether the other players will get their acts together.

    They will already feel the wrath of the relevant authorities pretty soon a la Microsoft with their anticompetitive practices in iBooks, as they should because their actions have cost every consumer in the west dearly. They have one potential flop in the horizon in the apple tv (although I think their momentum will ensure that the apple tv won't be a flop right now). The iPhone won't keep having the allure it has and it will also face challenges in the near future. Their saving grave is of course China and this will help them along. ITunes is also starting to face challenges with spotify and amazon.

    Of course some key people and talent is still there and they could very well wise up, we ll see about that. Also like I said the competition seems to be run mostly by vision less fat cat execs which is of help to apple. If hp can manage to buy such as great platform as palm and screw it with a premature release and poor development of the really good webos that means that they are run by incredibly inept people. If rim rush to the market a pointless playroom and are about to close because of that instead of focusing on their core strengths and then making a strategy that's not rushed that's helping apple too.

    In any case apple's not what it used to be, and os x is a major letdown in its current stage, not because it's not a half good os with some great features (almost all past decisions), but because it's not a really good os anymore and hasn't developed into what we were hoping for. Some of you don't get that, esp. some of you touting half of apple's store in your sig. I wouldn't expect that you did get it.
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    I honestly believe during WWDC we will get a couple more features that makes iOS to OS X a seemless experience.
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    Not that close to release - WWDC is in June, if they want to announce anything new, its going to be really minor. Major features just aren’t going to be implemented that close to when they should be finalizing things. It’s way too close to comfort. They might announce something already present that isn't well known to the public but it is not going to be anything big. Not enough time.

    Any changes that they would make by then are going to be small tweaks or small but visual changes, but nothing major or groundbreaking. I think that at WWDC they will expand on things that we know the basics about and not much else. I just wouldn’t think they have the time to make big changes.
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    Just wondering this - how isn't OSX a good OS anymore? Sure, Lion may have been a disappointment to many, but it's still built on the foundation of SL/Leopard/Tiger, which were all good OSes.
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    Well not unless they introduce a big new developer framework that is not likely to be even be used commercially for 6months. Something not required for compatibility with current applications but expected to incorporated over the next few OS releases. Something that would need a good solid developer introduction like at WWDC.

    Yes anything they do would need to be either end of the scale so small not to matter to the developer or so big it'll take years to matter to the consumer. Which still leaves a lot of good possibilities.
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    true. Lion as a whole OS is a piece of sh...

    It's SLOW, no wait, it's SLOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. Comparing to Windows it's like Millennium or first version of 98. If Appl€ don't change it's "different thinking" I just move back to linux.
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    I'm talking like new iTunes, Facebook integration...ect

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