Musika: Interactive Visualizer Game for iPod

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Sony BMG released a unique iPod Game tonight called musika (iTunes link):
    The $4.99 game requires a 5th generation iPod. It is not compatible with iPhone.

    Article Link
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    It reminds me of Singstar, without the karaeoke part: after all both are made by divisions of Sony.
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    Interesting, bet it will munch through the battery life though.
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    Pity I can't play this on my Helio Ocean :(
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    yea but you cant play it iphone either. so that makes the two basically the same thing. :rolleyes:.
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    interesting little game.
    i wonder how easy it is to play??
    seems like a bit of a wierd game to make. eh first impressons, it may be good
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    seems pretty good.....but where are my iPhone games?
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    Original and fun. I love quirky games. For me this is the type of game the ipod needs, not the Lost stuff...
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    From sony eh?

    Does it come with a rootkit? Eh-eh?

    Also, it hooks into your music library - wonder if Sony might be interested in knowing what music you're playing and where it came from?
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    sony produces a game for the competitor :)
    well, probably they earn more money selling music than selling mp3 players.
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    It looks odd, but definitely original.

    Wonder how good it really is ?

    First impressions anyone ?
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    I think the "Helio's Revenge" thread will be referenced as much as "G5 PowerBooks Next Tuesday" and spy shots of unreleased Apple products in elevators.

    Time will tell.
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    sounds like battery drain and brain strain
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    I'm interested in this. But then, iPod games are few and far between so I usually go for new games. However, ....

    I'm traveling at the moment and so have no access to my 'home' iTunes library. Is it possible for me to buy this and get it to my iPod using a computer with iTunes on at a hotel? :confused:
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    6502 but not iPod emulator?

    So we can play NES games on our iPhones, but not iPod games? Come on Steve, what happened to the multi-platform checkbox in XCode? No ARM support? And you hacker boys get on it fast! I want to play iPod games on my iPhone! (please)

    And, has anyone thought of emulating a TI-89, that would save sooo much space in my backpack.
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    lol $10 says a teacher wouldnt know the difference at a glance between an iPhone and a calculator during a test. Pretend to be using it like a calculator but really be typing questions into google! :eek:
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    Yeah, but would you really want to pack a $500+ phone around at an high school?

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