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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MacBookProRay, Mar 14, 2006.

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    I placed my order for my MBP CTO 1.83 with 1gb ram and I recieved the notification that it was being charged on my card yesterday. Today it is in anchorage

    Mar 14, 2006 11:03 AM

    Arrived at FedEx location


    Mar 13, 2006 10:44 AM

    Picked up


    Package received after FedEx cutoff

    10:44 AM

    Left origin


    9:01 AM

    Package data transmitted to FedEx

    My question is, will I have my MBP this week? Fedex gives an estimated shipping date of the 16th at 10am. Will I finally have it??

    Also could someone recomend me a good and good looking sleeve for my mbp?

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    My Mac Mini Shipped on March 11th and I got it on the 13th. You will get it this week. Heck you may get it on march 15th.
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    I love Fedex, or at least they are better than UPS, the date the give (thurs at 10AM) or whatever is the LATEST time they will get it to you. does something similar, they say it will be a couple days later, then you're happy with them when you get it eariler. If it does take longer, they are still covered with their generous shipping projections. I'd say tomorrow. congrats
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    Funny- I have had bad experience getting my Mac from Fed Ex. Just the nature of the business when the computer is going to a house and no one is home to sign.

    As far as dates go- it simply depends on the location and and number of packages being shipped a the time. I agree that they often put a date later than when they expect it.
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    I live in a busy city (Miami) so I suppose it should be here this week. How long does it usually take from alaska to the us??

    Another question, i got the 1gb ram one stick, should I max out ram and get another one? Also, i am looking for a good sleeve, I am thinking about the ones they sell on they are expensive but look awsome. The one for the MBP hasnt come out yet though.

    For those of you with an MBP 1.83 1gb ram are you happy with the speed and with it overall??

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    Alaska is in the US. I knew that. I'd say it takes about 12 hours to get to the lower 48. When the plane lands in Anchorage, they shuffle things around and put them on the next plane to a hub near you...possibly Memphis or Indianapolis.'ll get it this week.
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    No, Alaska is PART of the United States, but it is not IN the united states. But I know you knew that....
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    Okay, that makes no sense. It may not be in the contiguous United States, but it is most certainly in (and part of) the United States. Whatever. Did your MBP show up somewhere in the Midwest yet?

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