Should I be using FileVault?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jojoba, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Just wondering what the pros and cons are. I've read a bit about it on the internet but I don't really understand what it does/ whether it's something I should be using.
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    If you like data loss then go for it.
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    FileVault is a stable option for those who wish to encrypt their drive.

    Personally, I have little desire to encrypt my drive, but there are those who want that level of protection.
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    What do you want to use it for?

    I use an app called Espionage, it's excellent as it allows you to encrypt individual folders or just password protect them.

    I find this a much better option than encrypting an entire drive.
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    Do you have any sources for your statement?
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    I would agree with this action. Its better to encrypt only the objects you wish to keep safe and not the entire volume.

    FWIW, you can create an encrypted dmg and put any sensitive files into that as well. Perhaps not as seamless as the your suggestion but it is an alternative.
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    I use FileVault on both my MBA and MBP. No issues and both are still very fast (SSDs).

    I see no reason not to turn it on. A lost laptop these days can cause a lot of issues, banking, personal files (resume/photos), etc.

    Not everything you do will end up in an encrypted file if you go the partial encryption route and anyone with a little knowledge can find the pieces that land outside it (temp files, internet cache/history, etc).

    Desktops and such, well there is less of a risk that they'll be lost or stolen. But laptops, for sure.
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    I agree with this 100%. FileVault on a laptop just makes a ton of sense. There really is no reason not to use it.
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    And if you're worried about data loss, well you should be backing up your data anyways. Not that I've had any issues with FileVault turned on, but using Time Machine should make any risk of data loss a non-issue.
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    Agreed with all on FileVault - it works seamlessly, and on something you carry around, why NOT use it?
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    Thanks so much, everyone. I guess it sounds like just turning it on is a good idea. But I like that other software, too.

    So, if I turn this on, will I notice any difference? Is there anything I will need to do on a regular basis that I didn't do before? Sorry if this is a stupid question, as is probably evident I'm a bit clueless with this.
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    Just save the recovery key that it provides you.

    The only difference you will notice is that the login prompt is immediate when the computer turns on. This unlocks the encrypted drive and then booting proceeds per normal.
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    OK, that sounds fine.

    Thanks for the input, everyone :)
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    FileVault 2 works just fine. I have no experience with the original FileVault so I cannot comment on how well it works.

    Also, a lot of issues that people have posted about with FileVault are for the original FileVault that just encrypted the home directory. FileVault 2 by the way it works does not have those issues. And unfortunately a lot of the posts aren't clear about which version of FileVault they are talking about.

    Lion (and after) have FileVault 2.
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    Just my input, file vault does have an effect on computer performance but it is small.
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    Does encruting your drive with filevault not slow down preformance with all that encrypting adnn decrypting going on everytime you access the disk ?
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    It does, but very little. Here is a test showing some slowing.

    I do not notice any slowing at all on my 13" 2011 MacBook Pro with a Samsung 470 SSD.
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    I have turned on FileVault 2 on my iMac (2011) and my MBA 13" (2011).
    It works like a charm on the MBA.
    On the iMac I've had some weird bluetooth connection issues. I am not sure, if they are related to FileVault 2, but I didn't have them before. I also think, I've read something about that somewhere. Other than that, it works fine.
    No noticeable loss of performance.

    I wouldn't go without it to protect my data.
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    I had both of my Macbook Airs and other items stolen out of my car over the weekend. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was knowing both laptops and all hard drives were encrypted.

    Taxes, passwords, banking info, company security info (I'm an I.T. Manager) were on those laptops. I think not encrypting a laptop is a big mistake if you have any personal data on it.

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