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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by fab5freddy, Jul 9, 2007.

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    i wanted to know what are the core skills you need to get a job as a
    server administrator / systems admin ?

    i would guess unix / linux this correct ?
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    Depends? What if it was a windows environment? :p
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    well, i am ready to learn all platforms
    ( unix / linux / windows )

    just because i am interested in all types of systems......are there any good books that i can pick up ? i am currently learning some unix / linux commands. but do not have many friends that are good at this stuff....
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    In a Unix world:

    Can you write complex shell scripts that can be run without user intervention reliably?
    Do you know where the system logs are, what they mean and what to do when stuff goes wrong?
    Do you need a GUI to perform tasks? If so don't apply.
    Can you debug applications (yes the developers should do that but sometimes we're busy)?

    ... lots more ...
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    Patience and a cool head. Everything else can be learned.
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    Check following books:

    UNIX System Administration Handbook (3rd Edition) (Paperback) by Evi Nemeth

    Linux Administration Handbook (2nd Edition) (Paperback) by Evi Nemeth

    Mac OS X Tiger Server Administration by Michael Bartosh

    and you'll get some ideas of UNIX system administration.
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    If you get a certification book you will see al the kinds of nontrivial details you should know about.

    Starting with Solaris 10, you should also know DTrace. This tool has been adopted by Leopard.

    You should also know how to repair filesystems interactively with fsck.

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