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SMS alert doesn't always go off?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by michael31986, Jun 18, 2009.

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    i have gotten 2 texts recently and the sound did not go off,but it went off for all my other texts all day. i am using "chime". i remember this happening a bit with 2.0 software in the beg. this also happened a bityesterday. anyone have this?
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    I have noticed it and I haven't figured out a pattern yet. It doesn't "ding" when the SMS app is open and the active chat receives a message but it's also missed a few when that's not the case. Weird.
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    I had a couple of times today where there was no sound when an SMS came through.
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    Same here, I just saw the screen light up with no sound...

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    Another item to add to the bug list in 3.0.
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    good its not only me. i was thinking i had to do a restore as new iphone.
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    This is not just a 3.0 bug as I've had it for quite awhile. A restart of the phone fixes it.
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    This issue was horrible for me with 2.0. 2.1 fixed it for me and ever since then i would lose a text sound very rarely, but the next text would bring the sound back. Same thing for 3.0 with me, every once in a while the sound wont come with the text, but if you leave it be, the reminder sound comes after 5 minutes and usually the sound comes back with the next text.
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    Hasn't fixed it for me :(
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    restarting it doesn't fix it. when i had 2.1 it always worked. but with 2.0 it was a always on and off constantly.

    3.0 seems to have a bug. mine jsut did it and i had done a full restore and set up as a new iphone. It didnt' happen on 2.1.1 or w/e the one before 3.0 was, so i know its not me lol

    i wonder if 3.0 on 3gs has it also

    I don't get what you mean
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    If you're chatting with me and that screen is open when you get a message from me, you don't get the same sound as when the screen is closed. I'm not sure if it makes a sound at all when the screen is open to me and I send you a message. I almost always close the app entirely after sending a text message to ensure it rings upon reply, rather than leave it open to the person I'm texting where it may or may not make any noise.
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    If u have the app open and your phone is not off (as in you can see the SMS app open) it wouldn't make a ding noise. It makes a zoom noise thing. That's normal.
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    Right, that was my point. But the totally missing sound is different. There's no zooming noise or anything. I did pay closer attention to it today and didn't notice any missing noises, however, so maybe it's just my imagination. To quote the Blues Brothers as a loud train goes by the window to their tenement room:

    Jake: How often does the train go by?

    Elwood: So often you won't even notice.
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    i heard the zoom sound when texts get sent. with the app open or close. at least i think i do lol.

    either way this is about sms sound not always going off, but then going off for like 100 more texts then ir might randomly stop again. i got it 1 or 2 times today. its so weird.
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    has happened about 3 or 4 times to me so far and I have only had this thing for a day. Glad I'm not the only one and it must be software.
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    Is that eith 3G S or 3G
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    i need to know is this 3g or 3gs people
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    I've been having issues.
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    ok this is definetly software. whats funny is today i ahd the same thing happen with my aim push! i got an alert for Aim and no sound came jsut a vibrate and the box showed up! then it worked for the rest of the night! weird

    does everyone have this? i think whats funny is some people don't notice they have it cause A) they dont get that many texts. B) they have it on vibrate!
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    Same problem since upgrading to 3.0. Random notification sounds on both my 3G and 3GS iPhones.
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    ok so its a 3.0 thing. that means its def. software related. did any of you report this to apple bugs? i did. we all should this way it gets noticed! also you guys notice it happens with aim push in same way.
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    same problem for me and i do a lot of texting so its pretty often that a new text comes in and theres no sound. i always close the text app after using it so that i make sure to get new alerts.

    im even getting the bug where there is no new alert on the screen until i unlock the phone sometimes.
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    everyone should post if its with a 3g or 3gs phone, but someone before did mention it was with their 3gs. Its safe to safe its a software flaw and not hardware.
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    same, I have noticed the same thing.

    So, story is, always close the window.

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