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Switch to android or othet

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by IlikeMacsSoMuch, Sep 26, 2013.

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    Just out of curiosity, will some of you switch to none IOS phone because of ios 7?

    Should Jonathan Ive have stayed with the industrial design only?
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    No. I love iOS 7 and have no plans to purchase any phone but an iPhone.

    Jony Ive and Craig Federighi did an incredible job.
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    Incredible is a bit of a stretch (in my opinion)
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    Not in mine. To me, it's about a great of a mix of new and familiar as they could've done.
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    I'm happy with iOS7, its definitely a breath of fresh air. Its not perfect but then Android isn't either.
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    Will be staying with apple as will all my family, iOS 7 is great, bar a few bugs but fine otherwise, iOS needed a refresh.

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    Well, I like the fact that now we can stream videos from the cloud but I don't like the calender, I prefered IOS 6. And man IOS 7 is a battery sucker
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    There are other calendar apps. Not really a reason to switch to an entirely different OS.

    iOS 7 for me is amazing on battery. More so than iOS 6
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    What iPhone do you have, mine is the 5.
    As for a good reason to switch, if the fact that tge included apps don't meet my needs is not a good reason, then what would be a good reason?
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    I am long time Apple and Android user. So yeah, I am not switching to Android because I already own few Android devices. Currently using Nexus 4 as daily driver and iPad Mini, Nexus 7 as my tablet

    There are plenty reason for me to use Android as daily driver as opposite of iPhone. First and for most is the screen size. Once you get use to bigger phone, it is very hard for me to go back with 4 inch screen. It just not big enough for me to read. While some people can do everything with 3.5 or 4 inch screen, but into me.

    Secondly is freedom. I could do almost everything on my own way. I could choose my theme, my default application, I have freedom of using FILE MANAGER, I have freedom choice my on screen keyboard.
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    yeah, freedom, that's also something that I am considering. In august I had to switch my mobile plan because of new law in canada so I bought a samsung galaxy s4, ( iPhone owner since the iPhone 4 first day) but everybody kept telling me that I would miss the iPhone so I took it back and got the iPhone 5 instead but now that I upgraded to iOS 7 I am having second thoughts. Not only the screen size but also the actual size was great. I use my iPhone with a Lifeproof case so it doesn't really mather but the iPhone by itself is too small for my hand, I keep on droping it.

    I will never switch from OSX but from iOS yeah I certainly could.
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    Why thank you. :)
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    I actually like the aesthetics and functionality of iOS7, but it's too taxing on Apple's relatively meager hardware. Battery life suffers, and there are unnecessary animations/lag.

    ...Which have often been a complaint of Android, which has improved these aspects. At this point, I feel that iOS7 is just a worse Android, so I'm going to probably go for the better product (Note 3).

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