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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by billabong, Jan 17, 2008.

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    In the new AppleTV interface, I don't see the option for sources like we currently have. They wouldn't take the feature of streaming content from our computers out now would they?
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    Perhaps it's now in the "Settings" menu.
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    No, what they have cleverly done is combine computers' iTunes libraries and the content on the appletv itself into one combined section called "My Movies", My TV Shows", "My Music", etc. When you click on Music (for example) down the bottom of the list is "My Music", when you click on this it'll have both music from iTunes libraries on your network and in your appletv. You see?
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    That's close. Actually you'll see a menu that has "My Movies" and if you have shared sources as well another that says "Shared Movies". Going into Shared Movies will either just show the list of movies, or a list of shares (if you have more than one computer with sharing on).

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    Do you know this 100%, did you use a demo at MacWorld or something? Or just speculating?
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    Look at the link in his profile and you will get your answer.....
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    I know this 100%

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    Yeah, its not too difficult to figure out where I get my knowledge...

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    wow that is so cool Kevin, congrats on Take 2. I can't wait for the update!
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    Hey Kevin,

    just wondering if browsing the movies has changed at all? Can we now browse by genre? Does it look and different?
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    Browsing movies under "My Movies" has not changed.

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    Kevin (sorry to bug you)

    Not sure if this is really the best place to ask this but I didn't want to start a new thread and I haven't been able to find an answer.

    On AppleTV Take 1 the sorting for TV Shows leaves a lot to be desired. In Take 2 will it support structure such as:

    TV Shows
    -----> Season 1
    -----> Season 2


    I realize I can simply rename them now to be X-Files Season 1 but I'm not a huge fan of that.

    Thanks, keep up the good work and congrats on Take 2!

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    It will look more like:

    My TV Shows
    --------- Season 2 ----------
    Episode 3
    Episode 2
    Episode 1
    --------- Season 1 ----------
    Episode 20
    Episode 19

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    This is exactly what I was looking for, Thanks!

    Anyway the sorting can go from descending to ascending?


    My TV Shows:

    ----Season 1---
    Ep 1
    Ep 2
    ---Season 2---
    Ep 1
    Ep 2


    Again, thanks for replying!

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    Descending order does make more sense. You'd want the latest episode to be at the top.
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    Did they fix AppleTV so it will play more than one Music Video at a time? It's been one of the sought after requests ever since it came out.


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    Not for this release.

  19. d.f
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    a bit dissapointed....

    does anyone have any thoughts on Apple ever allowing Time Capsule (or any other itunes Ready NAS Drive) to be a standalone source...?

    seems odd that you still have to turn on a mac and launch iTunes to watch / listen to your media. it's clearly something Apple is disabling.....does anyone know why...?
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    Is there a way to put movies into playlists in the new AppleTV?

    Like: Feature Films, Short Films, Home Movies...etc
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    Huh? I thought this was going out the window with 2.0. If I buy something on 2.0 iTMS direct, that would mean I can play it on the aTV rather than booting up an iT client.

    I miss something?
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    Wait, so remote iTunes libraries are now an extra click from the movies section? If you have nothing stored on your :apple:TVs at all, how do you set a remote library as the default?

    For people who already have an extensive iTunes library on a central machine, removing the ability to set a remote library as the default source would be eye-bleedingly stupid.
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    One extra click is hardly "eye-bleedingly stupid". In fact, I'd argue that for 95% of everyday users, it makes more sense.
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    I don't mind the extra click, though I would assume if you only have of source it wouldn't require the click? If i have no video on the apple tv and one source specified it should require a click. I know it is not a big deal, but my kids use it and it wouldn't want it to get more complicated than it already is.

    Also, if there is no predefined source will it have to 'load' the source when selected? That would really be painful if you had to load it everytime you wanted to use it.

    guess we will find out next week!
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    Getting to local content is the same number of clicks as remote content (well, if you are streaming from a single source).

    The new menu design abstracts the content one level and adds all the store menus as well.

    As far as loading, it should be faster to load individual sections than loading the entire remote library.


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