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The computer technology we want to die

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mkrishnan, Jun 22, 2005.

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    I'll start the list with client-side ActiveX / COM on the web....
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    Windows :cool:
    .....oh, and errors, of course :p
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    Not a technology per se, but I wish spam and spammers would be publically flogged. And then killed.
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    Capt Underpants

    The iPod.
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    That reminds me.... WMA.
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    S P A M or the technology to make it easier to do...

    die spamer, die.
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    Parallel ports. Not that current Macs have any, but still can see them in PCs
    TrackBall mices, so my school wouldn't have to use them.
  9. 7on
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    Parallel ports WERE suppose to be removed last year, I guess it never took off. I saw specs for it and everything. Something like BTX. Smaller than micro-ATX, but support for everything ATX - minus legacy crap. It's so had to get something started in the PC industry because you have so many companies that have to agree to use it. Mainly Sony, HP, and Dell have to agree on a new subset of technology and implement that and most of the other underdogs would follow. Oh well

    I'd like MS Publisher files to die
    I'd like Floppy disks to die
    I'd like Palm sync software to die (why can't my palm sync like my phone?)
    I'd like Verizon to die
    I'd like Xbox to die (the games would obviously be split onto Nintendo and Sony, Halo would become a computer game)
    I'd like Metro to die (it's not even out yet, PDF replacement from MS built into longhorn - will probably be a bane like dealing with Publisher files)
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    Oh, wait, you said technology. :p
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    then i guess we would be without a fortune/forbes 500 ;)
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    "Thank you for calling the Annoying Computer Technology Voting Center. Your call may be monitored, recorded, played back at office parties, or otherwise used for things over which you have no control. Sorry about that, but hey, you're the one who wanted to vote.

    If you agree to the terms of the voting, please press '1'. If you disagree, please hang up."

    * Boop *

    "You've agreed to the terms. What a moro.. we mean Thank You. If you would like to participate in a brief phone survey, please press '1'. Otherwise, to continue to voting, please press '2'"

    * Bup *

    "Thank you for agreeing to vote in this week's survey. To hear your selections in English, please press '1'. To here the selections in Spanish, even though if you don't understand English you won't know what we're saying, press '2'."

    * Boop *

    "Okay. On to the voting. If at any time you want to exit the survey, please press '9' or hang up the phone. If you want to talk to a Voting Customer Service Representative, please press '0'.

    Press '1' to cast your vote for Windows Media Center.

    Press '2' to cast your vote for Pop-up windows.

    Press '3' to cast your vote for Automated answering services.

    Press '4' to cast -"

    * Beep *

    "You've pressed '3'. Is this correct? Press '1' for "Yes" and '2' fo-"

    * Boop *

    "You've selected an invalid response. Goodbye." *click*
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    Although it doesn't affect Mac users, I want viruses and spyware to die. Also, spam emails and advertisements on web sites. And I wish the internet would di and make way for a new, faster and more organized internet and the suffixes (.com, .net, etc.) applied for that kind of site - for example, Batman Begins movie:

    www.batmanbegins.com or www.batmanbeginsmovie.com (whichever it is) would be www.batmanbegins.mov so you'd know what it is.
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    ROFL!! :D :D
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    nice one emw
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    modulators and demodulators. so 20th century.
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    If I could I would get rid of the automated answering services where you actually have to speak to get them to advance. I am perfectly capable of pressing numbers on my handset to navigate the menu and it seems as though it would be far more accurate rather than

    Me : "My Internet is down."
    Them : "It sounded like you said 'My winter pet's a clown.'... transferring"
    Me : "No, you daffy b******"
    Them : "It sounded like you said 'Go to happy pastures.'... transferring"

    and so on. If I managed to dial the number I can evidently hit the number keys to navigate. If I were incapable of doing that I couldn't have called in the first place...
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    I fully agree (though maybe with little less of the killing), as if passing laws will ever make any difference to these people!
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    You are so right!
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    How about one lashing per spam email sent?
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    I agree with you there - in fact that was one of my complaints in an old Room 101 thread here some time back. It's as if you have to be speaking in a cone of silence so that no external noise gets through the receiver.
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    I'll second that. I especially hate it when the system wants you to dictate code numbers to it (like serial numbers). It would be faster and far more accurate to just type the numbers in using the phone. I think they make the voice of the system happy and friendly just to make us angrier.
  24. emw
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    I have noticed on some that you can type the numbers instead of saying them, even if they don't specify that.
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    Not a fan of cable Internet or DSL?

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