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Up-To-Date Upgrade Error?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by saleemyas3, Jul 25, 2012.

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    Anyone else getting the 404 Error when trying to go through the up-to-date program?
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    Yep me too.
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    Same happening with the UK website
  4. 3bs
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    Same here.
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    same here. looks like it's not active yet
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    Will try again later tonight. Demand will be massive.
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    Same here,

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    Its now active for me. Downloading now after a few re-clicking on the download button
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    Yeah me too. Hopefully they will fix this problem really soon. I want to go to sleep and it sucks that the free upgrade isn't available right now.
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    Same code given after the up-to-date page leaked a couple days ago. Guess someone forgot to make the server available...
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    Apple Gave Me This Site


    Supposedly instructions on how to get free update to Mountain Lion will appear there if you are entitled to free update for a Mac purchased after June 11,

    My question is can this update also be used on an existing Mac computer purchased BEFORE June 11. In other words is it just like a regular purchase from the App Store ?:)
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    I'm getting the same error :) It'll be up eventually
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    If you purchased a mac before June 11th, you can get it for $20 in the Mac App Store.


    Working now
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    Try again now - got it in UK
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    May be a dumb question but any idea what the 'Right to copy' bit is?
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    Odd, when it asked you what type of Computer, there was no Macbook Air option. I just selected Macbook
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    Link is working now, but the form is broken and won't let you click "Continue".
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    Now live here in Australia as well, awaiting email reply.
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    For enterprises and schools who need multiple copies
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    My code doesn't work at all...
    It is not the reference number but the code in password protected PDF file.

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    Sooooo I don't tick the box?
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    Claim finally sent, now awaiting for the email. Hope its not to long....
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    It seems to be functioning (for me), I was able to submit my up to date application.
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    My code doesn't work in the app store :(

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