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VisualHub S L O W to encode...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mikeymoves, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I am having a devil of a time with VH. I have a C2D iMac alum with 2gb ram. I am doing aTV 5.1 Go nuts settings with 2 pass enabled. I am getting CRAZY times like 3454 minutes remaining etc. The first pass takes an eternity! I have the LOW CPU box unchecked. Any thoughts?
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    well it seems normal....
    mac pro (8cores) 4gb ram....takes about 80mins for an 8gb 720p file...with everything high (go nuts, 2pass, best possible etc...)
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    4,445 minutes seems normal?
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    Go nuts settings on a recent 720p mkv conversion took about 225 minutes for me on my C2D 2.4 imac

    I would say you might have better luck on the VH forums then here.
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    That sounds more in line with what I have been hearing.
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    MKV conversions are unbelievably slow. My CD 2.0ghz MacBook has an estimate of about 680 minutes to convert a DVD-quality, 90 minute movie to MP4 format using 'High' quality.

    I'm not sure if it's a VisualHub issue or a container issue.
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    What are you trying to convert? If it's an .m4v container, that's your problem. Change the extension to .mp4 before you convert it. VH has a heck of a time with .m4v for some strange reason.
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    I have a lot of regrets paying for VisualHub. As the above post indicates, VH does not cooperate with .m4v files. Use Handbrake (ATV - 64bit - 2-pass Turbo First Pass) and give us a number (1.5 hour movie should be about 200 minutes).

    Obviously anything beyond 3 hours for a movie should be a red flag for a problem.
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    Is that right? I have noticed VH is very slow with m4v. I will test this.
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    That doesn't make any sense... m4v isn't a different container, it is just a different file extension for a mp4 container that is used by some Apple products.
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    Container, extension... whatever. The fact remains that VH has a hard time with .m4v for some reason. I know it doesn't make any sense, but if you just change the extension to .mp4 before you convert it, the problems go away.
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    I maxed out Handbrake as described in my previous post. 100 minute DVD took 117 minutes.

    MBP 2.33C2D
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    I have no problems with anything besides MKV, really. But damn if the slowness of MKV conversions isn't a buzzkill.

    VisualHub's a splendid program otherwise, though.
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    hate to revive an old thread, but im having the same problems as the OP.

    it hasnt even gone past the "doing first pass of video" yet and its been on for at least 8 hours!!.... nfi what to do...:confused:
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    First way to get help is post the details on exactly what you are doing ;)
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    ok good point!

    i am trying to compress a 720p movie rip, (h.264 5900kbps , AC3 audio 5.1 660kbps, blaablaa) which is 4.36gb into a smaller file size, something around the 1.5gb mark so that my MBP and iBook could have a go at playing it on the move. the movie was originally mkv (go figure), i did a pass through via QT to save it as a .mov.

    so i opened the movie in quicktime and converted it, spent a good 24hours without double pass, it turned out to be really bad quality, the brightness was shot and all the like.

    so i turned to visual hub. chose the "itunes" setting and optimising it for all devices, making sure to select h.264 encoding tick box. quality was on "Go Nuts". i then chose a two pass encode, making the file size around 1500mb, selected the audio quality blaablaa and hit encode.

    it went through checking the audio fine (in about 2 hours) and then onto the first pass of the video (which from what i understand, makes a reference for bitrates when it actually encodes it). it got stuck on this, it spent a good day on this never seeming to do much. i gave up on it!

    any ideas?

    oh this was on my 2.8ghz iMac with 4gb RAM, so its not exactly a slow machine!
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    I think it might be because it contains 5.1 surround sound. Try encoding using the Apple TV 5.1 + 2.0 preset to see if it goes any quicker.

    Although your audio is AC3, I had trouble with AAC 5.1 audio, and the Apple TV 5.1 preset was the only one that worked.

    Worth checking anyway.
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    thats a very nice idea! i might just try it :) thanks
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    I can't believe VisualHub has been stopped...
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    I feel robbed of money..

    I guess HandBrake pushing the competition is what has helped trigger this, since they are offering it for free.

    Just hope HandBrake Version 1.0 will be free..
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    yes ESPECIALLY if it had BR/HD DVD converting and stuff...
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    At the rate of "official" releases, we may never see 1.0. :D
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    Um, wtf is "HandBrake 1.0" ? Frankly I have never seen it. ;)
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    You're being sarcastic, right? :p
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    no, I am not.

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