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What if you use a normal mouse?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Inutopia, Oct 21, 2010.

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    I'm sorry if this has been asked already.

    What if you use a normal mouse with OS X Lion, what happens with all the multi-touch gestures?

    For example: I use a Logitech G9 with my Mac Pro, and the is NO WAY I'm downgrading to a Magic Mouse or a Magic Trackpad!
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    Probably what happens in Snow Leopard...normal mouse actions. I have a regular mouse and a Magic Trackpad...one mouses traditionally and one allows me multitouch.
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    You won't be able to make the gestures. I'm sure there will be other, less convenient, ways to activate the various things.
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    So basically you think they will be locking desktop users into using Apple's inferior input devices to access the new features of Lion properly?

    Feels bad man...
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    Keyboard controls instead of multi touch gestures. Like F3 for Mission Control instead of pulling 4 fingers down on an Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad.

    I can't believe how people jump to the conclusion that Apple will lock in Macs to only their peripherals. How paranoid are these guys. Worst case scenario is a hobby of your, right? :)
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    Read what i said, using keyboard commands to flick left to right is going to suck.

    Also, the last part of what you said makes no sense... hobby.. what?
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    I'm one for using just a mouse as a mouse, and I don't see myself gonig to the the multitouch camp anytime soon.

    I never really used it on my MBP and I don't see a burning desire to have it on my current systems
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    You can just get something like xGestures and use mouse gestures to do what the multitouch gestures would. Yes, it will require a bit of work but it works just fine.
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    This thread exactly points out what bothers me. If I buy a Mac Mini and have my own display/keyboard/mouse I would get a subpar experience on Lion. I can't "flick" apps (so gimmicky).

    Apple needs to let OS X be OS X. I'd rather press one button to activate Dashboard any random time I want (like browsing on the web or iChatting) than have to flick through 'homescreens'.
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    Dont worry...I'm sure Logitech or some other third party will make a device with multitouch that will live up to your standards.
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    Well, I came in here to read an inferior thread, so, um, yeah. :rolleyes:
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    Sky Blue

    I'm sure you'll still be able to.
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    Wait what somebody doesn't use the Magic Mouse?? :confused:

    Isn't that like Mac blasphemy or something lol
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    its a good job the internet was not around ( at the level it is now ) when we went from DOS to a GUI that required a mouse :D
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    Honestly the Magic mouse isn't that good. I have a nice Logitech, which I have configured to trigger Exposé and forward/backwards. I also have physical inertial scrolling (the wheel can roll for 11 seconds if you flick it fast enough).

    Now I have used the Magic mouse. It's good, but not excellent. Gestures are much easier to do on my trackpad, and it's not exactly comfortable to hold when you have regular sized hands (I.E. not children sized).
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    OP: how do you do two finger scrolling now?

    you don't.
    Thats the same way you'll be doing gestures in 10.7
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    The Exposé key, hot corners, hot keys, dock icon, etc. It's like you are complaining about something that already exists - a way to access the features without a multitouch surface.
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    Thread Starter: What do I do when I want to get to my documents???
    Everybody Else: Well, you can just click a few times.
    Thread Starter: Click? WTF is click?
    Everybody Else: It's an onomonopia for the noise the mouse makes when you, well, click it.
    Thread Starter: Mouse? What's a mouse? Why couldn't they have left it how it was…working just fine.

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