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What to call the new Intel Macs?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Lunja, Jun 6, 2005.

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    What to call the new Intel Macs?

    By the sound of things on this forum, a lot of people are in shock, or getting too hot and bothered over something which hasn't happened yet, so here's something for a bit of relief...

    We're gonna need nicknames for this new breed of macs, so let's hear some names! Sensible suggestions are invited, humourous ones will be applauded :D

    I'll go first- Mintel (Mac / Intel)

    Any others?
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    Uh... Mac?
  3. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew


    Isn't that a name for umm... special kids?
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    I've seen Mactel a few times, but I like InteliMac myself.
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    no not from xBox but from x86 >_>
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    Bigger question, will they have those ugly damn logos all over the machies and TV ads?
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    Staff Member

    My guess is no, no ugly Intel Inside stickers.
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    Jobs would not allow Intel Inside all over his products. You ever see an IBM sticker anywhere? I haven't.
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    hypermac xeon 4?

    hyperbook Pentium?
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    it seems that if the word intel or pentium is mentioned on a tv advert, it plays that 'dum dum dee dum' tune and has the logo somewhere in the procedings. i can't imagine this in a apple advert, they are too slick for all that caper! maybe intel has a clause that if you advertise it, you must show the logo?
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    just thinking, it'll put an end to the whole wintel thing! or maybe mactel will be introduced! haha

    the mac fanboys will have to get rid of their 'intel outside' logos aswell! haha

    my guess is powermac iPentium :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    its just going to redefine the use of the 'i' in front of all the names...

    iPowerMac (don't think so)

    My guess is that there won't be any change what so ever - at least for now.

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    Mintel sounds too much like:

    - The French "minitel" system.
    - The "Mentel Corporation", the bad guys from the Fortress movies with Christopher Lambert ("you are now the property of the Mentel Corporation", etc.).

    They'll not want to incorporate any part of Intel into the name of the new machines, so I predict no change in the machine names... except maybe to call them G6's to distinguish them apart from the G4 and G5 series.
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    haha! well spotted! never realised! too much going on in macrumors today, havn't tried to keep up!
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    Maybe this is why IBM told Apple to take a hike??
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    Black machines called the "Apple Sith" or something like that. Pronounced by the connoisseur as the "Apple Sh*t".
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    Help! I'm not in my mac now... (Typing with a Dell :mad: ) Someone can make a photoshop of Darwin with an "Intel inside" logo ... :eek:
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    Rats! I love those stickers; while you're waiting for a download or when Windows is frozen, you can slowly (and carefully) peel off sections. :p

    I'm thinking:

    MI (Mission impossible you say...think Mac+Intel :D )


    Mackin' :p

    If they did stray from Mac, inteliMac would be the best, although it'd be pretty old two years down the line...
  20. Wes
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    The future...

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    "Power Mac Extreme Edition Supporting Hyper-Threading Technology."
    I just had a thought. If they want to keep having dual procs in Power Macs, aren't they going to have to use Xeon? I thought the P4 ended multi processor support in the pentium line. Does the pentium, being PIII based, support 2 processors?
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    You forgot all the other stickers! If they put an intel sticker on, they are required to put an ATI/Nvidea graphics sticker on, and in place of Designed for Windows XP, a Designed for MAC OSX. :D
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    Shouldn't it be Xtel?

    (OS) X+(In)tel)=Xtel

    Looks a little Aztec though.
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    Sun Baked

    I'm sticking with Apple PC, because that is really what it is.

    The Mac is dead, but the OS lives on.

    Besides Mactel is a trademarked computer hardware name, and not one Apple owns.
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    So what should we call these in conversation?

    Macintel (with same accents as macintosh) seems easy and flows well.. but scares me because it's so close to Wintel.

    I think my boss had the best idea - Intelitosh!

    Any other good ones? What are you guys saying?
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