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10.13.6 macbook pro 2018 update

  1. Stuart Brodie

    MacOS High Sierra Mac Mail Causing Mac to Restart When Opened

    Hi, Last week my iMac (mid-2010 model) began restarting for no reason. After doing some diagnostics I was able to determine it was my mail causing the issue. I'm unable to open the mail to do any further diagnostics within the app. Before I did the step below I would open the mail and the iMac...
  2. zedsdeadbaby

    Q: For 2018 MBP users working in Logic, Premiere, Live, etc

    I have a 2018 MacBook Pro I purchased this fall. I'm wondering if others with the same model, who use programs like Logic, Ableton or Pro Tools, or, Adobe Premiere are seeing the following behavior: The speakers and headphones no longer work as a single built-in audio device. (This does not...
  3. V

    2018 MBP refusing to update 10.13.6

    Here’s an unusual problem I am currently encountering.. any help is appreciated! A good friend bought a 2017 mackbook pro in june. It was updated to 10.13.5. She exchanged it to a 2018 macbook pro a couple weeks ago (in july) and restored her system from a time machine backup she had made on...