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iPhone 12 series modem firmware updated to 2.11.04 from 2.11.02
tidied update by @ChrisCharman to optimize editing space; 99,346 chars
Table 1 adds: 10A261 Server, 10A314 Client, 10A354 Client;
more, yah, tidying edits: 98,724 chars
10A222 Server added to Table 1; 99,476 chars
more optimizing edits; 99,350 chars
Build 10A286 links added to Table 1; 99,734 chars
added new titles to Table 5 from post #1362; 99,782 chars
completion of Appendix A re-format; 98,881 chars
revamp of Appendix A; 98,727 chars
added: Maxwell vBIOS thread to FAQ
more space-conserving edits; 97,096 chars
added: notes about SMBUS address conflicts
more minor edits to conserve headroom; 97,802 chars
more edits with project updates; edits made for more clarity; and copy edits for reducing overall wikipost size to 97,983 chars
minor edits to bring down size: 99,383 chars
minor correction, Table 1, 10A433; 99,416 chars
added server Build 10A433 GM to Table 1; 99,490 chars
tentatively removed “10B87” from Table 1 due to lack of citable source/ref and inconsistency with other build names; 99,148 chars
minor date correction Table 1 10A222; same # of chars
added 10A246 and 10A250 mention to Table 1; 99,360 chars
added: Some Target Display Mode information
updated 10A403 entry in Table 1; 98,814char
Table 1 correction: 10A402 and 10A403 are separate builds; 98,741chars
Table 1: updated “10A402” to “10A403” with newly found Archive-dot-org link to the install; 98,545char