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11" ipad pro

  1. blackxacto

    How do i stop Magic Key Board from turning on CAPS?

    11” iPadPro w Magic Keyboard: The symbol in the image I attached means CAPS is on I think. I have turned it on some how I think, anyway I must remember to manually turn it off, rather than it turn off when I let go of the SHIFT key. How did I do this? I want shift to toggle only.
  2. blackxacto

    Adding lyrics to an Apple purchased album in ios 15.5

    11” iPad Pr, iOS 15.5, NO APPLE MUSIC I bought an album of Stephen Stills, “Carry On”, some of the tunes do not have lyrics. How do i add lyrics, USING ONLY Music App On an 11” iPad Pro? No i don t want to add back to iTunes in Monterey
  3. blackxacto

    Kindle question: When hiliting text, how do I get rid of these boxes?

    Using Kindle App in iOS15.3 on an 11” iPad Pro, when I hilight text, I get two large windows that I am not using. Is there a way to stop showing these two windows when I hilight text using the Kindle App? One box is a dictionary access, the other a Wikipedia access. All I want to do is hilight...
  4. macduke

    iPad Pro iPad Pro redesign thoughts

    OK, this is a little long, but hear me out. At WWDC 2017 Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro alongside a revamped version of iOS specifically for iPad. This was one of the biggest changes to the iPad UI since inception. While it is still a far cry from macOS, it made it a lot more useful for...