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12" macbook

  1. MacADameYeahNut

    How is Ventura on 12-inch Macbook Retina?

    I have a 2017 i5 12-inch Macbook Retina and am wondering if anyone with a similar model has updated to Ventura. Is it okay? Laggy? And how is the battery life? Thanks!
  2. Rasta4i

    4K Video Editing On Macbook 12 Possible?

    Hi, im looking for an ultra portable laptop to mostly cut down and trim 4K video editing projects that I work on as I find that the most time consuming part of the process. Once I do majority of the trimming the rest of my edit usually goes quite fast which I do on an iMac. Of course I will...
  3. drbrodix

    12" Macbook temperature

    Hey Forum, I've recently started considering buying a 2017 12" Macbook as a comfortable, portable device besides my desktop PC. The main thing that keeps me concerned (besides the price tag but let's just put that aside for now) is the overheating due to the computer's lack of fans. So how is...
  4. wlossw

    Please help me find a nice bag for my 12" rmb.

    I'm looking for a new compact bag for my 12" macbook. I haven't had much luck finding something nice. I don't want anything larger than absolutely neccesary. I need a shoulder strap, and room for the charger. I don't like backpacks. Bag must be leather or heavy duty canvas and brown, black or...
  5. P

    Apple Care for 2016 12" MacBook - Worth It?

    Well I can't believe I almost have my 2016 12" MacBook a year already. Clock is ticking to make a decision on Apple Care. From your experience, is it worth it? I'd be paying $349 NZD for 2 more years of warranty. It's a good safety net to have I guess, but then it doesn't cover accidental...
  6. francisck

    Picked up a 12" MacBook yesterday on impulse

    I have a 13" MacBook Pro with TouchBar on order but it won't be delivered until after Christmas :(. While watching videos about the new MacBook Pro on youtube I ran across a lot of reviews for the 12" MacBook. After watching a ton of reviews, comparisons, etc. I was pretty convinced that the...
  7. J

    Which Apple laptop should I buy?

    Hi there, I am thinking of treating myself with a brand new Apple laptop and saying goodbye to my currently used old MBP (13-inch, mid 2012 model, without Retina and still with CD/DVD drive). As a university student, I will be moving around campus, carrying a laptop to help me with note taking...
  8. L

    12" MacBook Repair / Warranty - Do Apple repair or replace them like iPhones?

    Hello everyone, I have just purchased a new 12" MacBook and I was wondering how Apple repair these new systems. Do they treat them like regular Mac notebooks and ask the customer to send them off for repair or do they just replace place them like an iPhone or iPad seeing that they are so small...
  9. bingeciren

    2016 rMB after 2012 MBA 11"

    Originally I intended to keep my 2012 MBA 11" as long as it lasted. However, when my grandson graduated and needed a portable Mac, I gave mine to him as present and look for a replacement for my needs. I decided to chose between a maxed out 2016 11"MBA or a maxed out 2016 rMB. The most...
  10. bingeciren

    What is your preferred colour for the 12" MB

    I don't have a 12" MB yet. I will probably get one in the future but I can't decide between the Gold and the Space Gray. What is your colour choice and why?