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16-inch macbook pro

  1. dukee101

    M1 MBP First Impressions (Former 16" MBP Owner)

    Former 16" MBP owner here who just got an M1 MBP. For the last year, my daily driver has been an Intel i9 2.3GHz 8-Core MBP w/ 5500M GPU. Sounds like a pretty hefty laptop to most people... until the M1. I've spent the last day doing a fresh install and hand-migrating everything from scratch...
  2. C

    Microfiber Cloth Screen Protector / Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro 16"

    Hello everyone, my brandnew 16" MBP just arrived and I am looking for a Microfiber Cloth, that fits between the screen and the keyboard, when the laptop is transported, to avoid the keyboard leaving marks on the screen. I'm in Europe and I cannot find any fitting microfiber cloths - so my...
  3. isaac_appleweed

    16-inch MacBook Pro Keyboard Layout Concept

    Hey all, so I saw a tweet shared by MacRumors regarding a potential 16-inch MacBook Pro icon found buried in macOS. Not sure if that's real, but it's interesting nonetheless. I noted a break at either end of the top row of the keyboard, where the Touchbar would be, which results in two...