2015 macbook pro 15

  1. Tech_Mac_Man

    15" Macbook Pro (2015) vs 15" Macbook Pro (2019)

    Hello Gents/Ladies, Can someone who has both of these machines MAXED out with SPECS tell me what is going on here? How in the world is the 2015 2.8ghz 16GB renders a video faster than a 2019 2.3ghz 32GB ??? Am I missing something here? I mean the 2015 has the same processor as the ones in the...
  2. O

    Macbook pro 2015 v 2016 v 2017 for video editing

    Hi I've just jumped into the world of 360 video editing. I currently have a 2015 max spec MacBook Pro which is dying and I'm looking for a new model. I'm looking for a second hand 2016/2017/2018 model but want to spend maximum £2000. My most important requirement is video editing...
  3. Tech_Mac_Man

    15" Macbook Pro (2015) vs. 15" Macbook Pro (2018)

    Hey Ladies/Gents, Long time reader First time poster to MacRumors. I just need some of your real first had opinions and suggestions on this before I go ahead and buy one....Before somebody ask what will I be using it for? To answer that question it will be for mainly Video/Photo Editing and yes...