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2018 macbook air

  1. M

    Why doesn't the 2018 MacBook Air have True Tone display?

    2018 MacBook Pro have it, even the Touch Bar have it. The 2018 MacBook Air have the T2 Chip and Touch ID. I see no reasons why Apple omitted this feature.
  2. R

    2017 or 2018 MacBook Air?

    Hello, I’m a college student and I’m trying to decide with MacBook Air to get. I’m not interested in the pros. My biggest concern is reliability. I want something that will be with me for at least 4 years. So my issue is the 2018 mba keyboard-I don’t want to be dealing with keyboard issues but...
  3. J

    2018 MBA: Fast(er) Charging Available?

    Hi Everyone, I believe that the 2018 MBA comes with a 30 watt USB-C charger. If you were to use a 45 watt, 60 watt, or 87 watt USB-C charger, would the 2018 MBA charge any faster? Or is the 2018 MacBook Air physically limited to charging at a max of 30 watts?
  4. C

    2018 Macbook Air Signature Capture via Camera (Preview/Markup) Not working

    Like the title says, my 2018 Macbook Air cannot capture a signature written on white paper via the camera using the Preview app (markup). The 2018 is a replacement for my 2011 11" i7, which can capture the signature just fine. I tried different pens differing in line width, lighting, and so...
  5. S


    Come in to Micro Center to get the new Late 2018 MacBook Air for $200 off for a limited time! 128GB model (MREA2LL/A, MRE82LL/A, MREE2LL/A) for $999.99 or 256GB model (MRE92LL/A, MREF2LL/A) for 1299.99...
  6. Xbfryfd

    My thoughts on the new MacBook Air and total MacBook lineup confusion

    With the new MacBook Air making the MacBook lineup even more a mess than it was before, I thought I would share my thoughts on how to fix it. It would start with simplifying everything, with just 3 models: MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. MacBook would be similar to the 13” Pro, but the...
  7. isaac_appleweed

    2018 MacBook Air Concept

    Here is a concept of the 2018 MacBook Air: It will have the same chassis and footprint as the current 13" MacBook Air, but with a larger Retina display and reduced bezels. Apple will likely standardise the keyboard of their MacBook lineup and go with their controversial butterfly keyboard, as...