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2019 macbook pro

  1. S

    Thunderbolt Dispaly USB-C Hub

    Hi Everyone, I have just upgraded to a 2019 16" Macbook Pro from my 2012 15.4" Macbook Pro, When im out and about its perfect! but when at home im starting to struggle, i have a thunderbolt display i used with my 2012 as its got Thunderbolt 2 port and MagSafe 1 charger. I want to be able to...
  2. JP Beretta

    MP All Models MacBook Pro 16" charging issues **FRUSTRATING**

    Hey all, I've read countless forums and posts about the charging issues with the new MBP. My MBP charges really slow at max 6watts. I have no apps open, I've turned off the battery health management and dimmed the screen right down. I have also done all the SMC and PRAM etc resets with no...
  3. Yosief Ellaham

    Macbook Pro 15" 2019 Constant Noise

    Hi Guys, I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 15" with the latest version of Catalina installed. My laptop used to be silent and the fan would ramp up with heavy usage, however I installed McAfee and after the install I realized the fan/disk noise never fully went back down, it just stayed constantly...
  4. Roshan Raja

    New mac book pro comes with 2 battery count

    i bought a new MBP 13 & the battery count is 2, how is this possible? Should the count start with 0?
  5. NevoAvitan

    Macbook pro 2019 dies at 72%

    Heyo, just got my new unit yesterday.. opend and start using it Than, when it gets to 72% battery it just shut down There is anyone who experience it as well? With the entry level MBP My 1st 4nd & 5th letters of serial number is CZ1 Hope you will help me.
  6. isaac_appleweed

    16-inch MacBook Pro Keyboard Layout Concept

    Hey all, so I saw a tweet shared by MacRumors regarding a potential 16-inch MacBook Pro icon found buried in macOS. Not sure if that's real, but it's interesting nonetheless. I noted a break at either end of the top row of the keyboard, where the Touchbar would be, which results in two...
  7. Zdigital2015

    FYI: 2019 Refurbished 15” MacBook Pros are now in the online Apple Store

    I periodically check to see when new Certified Refurbished Macs arrive in the Apple Store and it appears that the 2019 15” MacBook Pros are now available as well as a single model of the 2019 13” MacBook Pro (2.4GHz i5/8GB DRAM/256GB SSD/Iris Plus 655/4 TB3 Ports). The 13” may have wider...
  8. fwuz

    Coming from a mid-2010 MacBook Pro, is the July 2019 refresh 13" MBPro a worthy upgrade?

    So as the title says, i have had my mid-2010 mbpro for nearly 9 years. and after a few personal modifications (8 GB RAM, 250GB SSD) which did give it new life, it's equipped with a 9 year old graphics card that makes photo editing near impossible. I use my laptop mainly for web browsing...
  9. minorus93

    2019 13" I7 1.7ghz vs 2019 13" I5 2.4ghz

    Hello Guys! i'm in the middle of confusion choosing which one is better for long term usage. 2019 13" I7 1.7ghz with 16g Ram and 512SSD Storage, Intel iris 645, 2 thunderbolt ports Vs 2019 13" I5 2.4ghz with 16gb Ram and 512SSD Storage, Intel Iris 655, 4 thunderbolt ports Both are in the same...
  10. M

    Is there a cosmetic difference between the 2018 and 2019 MacBook Pro?

    I remember seeing somewhere on reddit that there is a different between the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro. It has something to do with the keyboard keys. I am not talking about the "defective" keyboards. I am talking about that it is a small detail that you can differentiate between the MacBook Pro...
  11. fc4090

    Macbook Pro 2019 price jump

    The price for new baseline Macbook Pro jump by $100 in a day. The new 13" baseline was $1699, now $1799 at the Apple site, similar $100 increase for new 15" Macbook Pro too.
  12. groove-agent

    Future MBP Keyboard Predictions?

    I personally still own a 2008, 2012, and 2015 15" MBP. I refuse to purchase a 2016-2018 for obvious reasons but of course have typed on them. When you look at their keyboards chronologically, you can see the action (height/ key press travel) slowly getting lower and lower. In addition to...
  13. nouveau_redneck

    Will Apple ever build the 17 (or 16.5) inch MBP? [Merged]

    I wasn't a Mac user back in the day of the 17 inch MBP, but I do recall seeing a fair amount of them and wanting one pretty badly at the time. I regret not getting one. Any chance Apple will build the 17 again? I'd buy it.