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  1. zastin17

    Macintosh 128K Original 1984 Mis-aligned 400K drive, HELP ME!

    Ok, I need some serious help with my 1984 Macintosh 128K Guys!! I put this on a shelf for almost a year. Wishing it worked, but never being able to Re-align the 400k drive again. I am sad To start off, A few years ago, I found this incredible condition 128K Macintosh set. All Factory stock...
  2. zastin17

    Macintosh 128k Restoration Complete!

    Thank you to everyone who helped me with this restoration project of my Macintosh 128k Especially MacTech68. I got the 400k calibrated after 30 minutes of power cycling and moving the sensor with a Flathead in the notch on the drive as MacTech68 mentioned. I tightened the screw and added nail...
  3. zastin17

    Looking to buy 400k floppy drive and sled.

    Idk if I this is where I would post this but, I found out that the 128k macintosh I purchased has an upgraded 800k floppy drive. I want to bring it back to stock but can't find any drives for sale anywhere. There is 1 on ebay but it cost over $200 for 1 drive without the sled which is crazy...