1. Kazi077

    iPhone X foreign networks

    I travel to UK often and was unsure about which iPhone X to purchase to Apple as there is not a sim free option. I think the gsm (t mobile) would work in the UK, but would it be locked to t mobile as there is no sim free option? Spoke to Apple but they weren’t much help, I also looked at the...
  2. D

    iPhone ate 2GB data in 4 days??

    I bought a MiFi dongle and a 2GB international data sim to use abroad (to avoid roaming charges). I switched off Mobile/Cellular data, and left the phone connected to the dongle via WiFi. I burnt through 2GB in 4 DAYS!! :( Usually I don't even use 1GB per month of data. But I realised I'd...
  3. DeApp1e

    Going on holiday.. Switching SIM cards?

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone could help me with my theory? I'm currently with a network provider who charges for abroad use. I'm going on holiday for a week shortly to a different country (aboard) but I found a network company who doesn't charge for aboard use. Can I swap out my SIM card...