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  1. voraciousvegan

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows on PCIe SATA SSD?

    4,1->5,1. Can I boot W10 on a PCIe 2.5" SSD if I'm just cloning my current W10 over, not a clean install (as I understand, you can't clean install over PCIe)? When I was initially installing W10 on this Mac Pro, I remember it was impossible to do thru Bootcamp, although Bootcamp drivers were...
  2. raphaelbruegger

    Power Mac G5 (Late 2005)

    Dear colleagues A few days ago, I had the opportunity to get a Power Mac G5 4 x 2.5 GHz for free. Since I work as a graphic designer, I like to «rescue» older Macs and make them running like new. As I never worked with a G5, I have a few questions…: • Can I run a 1 TB SSD in this Mac? • Are...
  3. giul

    SSD help for MacBook Pro 15 mid 2014

    Hi everyone, new user here from Italy. I was wondering which SSD I should use for my MacBook Pro 15 mid 2014. I'm currently using the original 250GB, but I would like to replace it with a bigger one because in the future I need to install in parallel Windows 10 using bootcamp. I would like to...
  4. parisinvest

    how do we know if a ssd is ahci supported?

    hi you all, i've recentely want to upgrade my mac pro 5.1 (2009 upgraded), with a ssd sm951 nvme ahci with a pcie adaptor, i've bought a nvme with pn number is 00000, it's doesn't work as a start up disk, and i've checked on ebay, they are a lot different types, baiscly two type: one with "pcie...
  5. trulyhung

    Got an HP SM951 SSD AHCI - Need it to work on MP 5,1

    Hi everyone, I ordered an HP SM951 SSD - AHCI, and figured an SSD is an SSD. When I installed it with a PCMIe adapter, it shows up as "windows recovery" and "drive" I reformatted to Mac Journaled, but it won't let me delete the partitioned part. And it's showing up as 2 external drives. My...
  6. maxthackray

    Upgrading 2013/2014 Macbook Pro SSD to M.2 NVMe

    This thread is about upgrading MacBook Airs & Macbook Pros (2013-2015) with new high speed and/or high capacity NVMe SSDs. This thread was one of the first to talk about MacBook Pro NVMe SSD upgrades on Macrumors, and was started by user "maxthackray", which we can thank and give tribute for...