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  1. T

    AirPods Pro different battery level (Left vs. Right)

    Hello all, Weird thing just happened to me. I was listening to some podcasts, watching YouTube videos, listening some music, etc. for some time with both AirPods. When I put them back into the case I noticed the following: Is this normal? I don't see a reason why my Right AirPod is...
  2. C

    I know I’m a little (a lot) late to the party, but I have a question about AirPods

    I first got AirPods when the 2nd generation first came out. I was so excited when I got them, they were everything I ever wished for. Perfect for soccer game warmups, for a quick listen, or when I’m on the train on the way to work. Now the problem was that they would be loose in my ear, more...
  3. P

    Sharing Same Music Over 2 AirPods

    Wouldn’t this be cool? Does anyone know of a way either native or though a third party app that would allow two AirPods to share the same audio at the same time. Bose Q35 do this and it’s great! Nice when on a run with someone, commuting, or just jamming out! Any ideas?
  4. zipur

    Airpods Anti-Lost Straps, Skins, Cases and Ear Wings Reviews

    I just joined the Airpods world and was wondering: What the latest greatest accessories straps, skins, ear fins/wings and case protectors. I went with this set and love the strap the best. It has magnets to secure the pods along with some grip from the rubber tips. However I need a clip...