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  1. JuanKr

    iPad Pro Weird - Black line in the back of my iPad

    Hi guys, After three years of happiness with my iPad Pro 12,9 (3er generation), I noticed after move it from the smart keyboards that it has a black line IMPOSSIBLE to clean it!! No soup, KH7, water, alcohol,... Looking closed, I notice that it is in the same position as the Smart Keyboard...
  2. therealMasa

    Other Anyone else want aluminium sides on the iPhone 13 Pro/Max?

    Firstly, aluminium is actually three times more expensive than steel, so it's ironic stainless steel is reserved for the premium models. Aluminium is also lighter, which as iPhones grow bigger and thicker would keep the weight down. Perhaps Apple feel the shiny stainless steel looks more...
  3. D

    Apple Watch 6 blue with black strap

    Hi all, I’m looking at the Apple 6 blue aluminium watch but wondering if anyone has pictures of it with a black strap. I can’t decide if it matches and will work for professional and casual look. I’m thinking space gray can go with any colour strap, therefore making it more versatile. Also...
  4. D

    16 MBP stupid USB C connection

    Which sodding Genius at apple ever decided removing a quick release power cord was a good idea? I just tangled myself in the cable and yanked if from my desk, which has left a nice dent and set of scrapes on it :( I know it's totally cosmetic but WTF. Why design pretty products, which DO NOT...
  5. docziandras

    Gold Aluminum/Aluminium Apple Watch Series 4 with Gold Milanese Loop

    Hi everyone, Can someone post me a picture of the gold alu Series 4 with the gold :apple: Milanese loop please? I've bought my wife a then current gold aluminum Series 4 last summer. The Apple original Milanese loop has dropped price since then but given that it is stainless steel, it is color...
  6. Stephen.R

    Aluminium Profile desk stand?

    Hey all, My desk is already kind of cluttered cluttered, and I'm on the verge of ordering a Thunderbay 6 (6-bay drive case) and Mercury Helios FX (eGPU) from OWC, so I've been thinking about making a small(-ish) frame from 2020/2080 Aluminium profile pieces, to allow stacking the Drive bay...
  7. S

    MacBook Pro 2018 - too soft?

    I’ve bought my MacBook Pro on Thursday. Used it once after unboxed, on clean desk. Next day I took it to uni, but I didn’t even took it out of a sleeve whole day. When I got home and wanted to finish my work, I saw small nick on its edge. Im using soft sleeve with lip around the zipper.It really...
  8. F

    Series 4 Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel

    I currently have a space gray aluminum Apple Watch series 1 and want to get a series 4. My screen is in awful condition right now because of scratches. My question is if the sapphire glass on the stainless steel version is really that much more durable. I also love the look of the space black...
  9. KarinvdB

    S3 (non LTE) alu colors.. help!

    So I'm about to get my first Apple Watch. I'm in the Netherlands and there's no LTE models here (I don't mind, and I don't like the red dot anyway) so I'm limited to the aluminium colors. I haven't seen them in real life yet and that will probably be the deciding factor. We're headed to the...
  10. M

    Not giving up iMac 27" mid 2010

    Hello! My iMac 27" mid 2010 fell from the office table on the floor! Glass was broken and LCD screen too! Rear housing get bulk on the to uper corners! But I could use it and everything else was functional! I wasn't in doubt any minut about repair (gift from my wife) and went to local Apple...
  11. aPple nErd

    iPhone 7 flaking?

    So i've had my 7 since launch day. I noticed while cleaning it today that there are several flecks on the anodized backing where it looks like the finish is flaking. See what you guys think
  12. N

    iPhone Aluminium Loses Dry/Matte Feel

    For those who use their iPhones naked do you notice with time the alumnium of the phone seems to absorb our natural body oils and loses the dry/matte feel? I notice when I get new iPhone the aluminium feels much better likely due to not being exposed to regular finger and hand touching. Anyone...