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  1. 826317

    Looking for anti-theft backpack to hold 13" MBP and QC35 within its case

    As you've read in the title I'm currently looking for an anti-theft styled backpack which is able to hold the following: My MBP 13" within a dedicated pocket soft pocket Bose QC35 headphones within its case right side up. 750ml water bottle also preferably in its own pocket perhaps next to the...
  2. smirking

    Security Locks for MacBook Pros?

    Well, I recently became the owner of a new 15" MBP with TouchBar, otherwise known as a very expensive piece of kit that I wouldn't want to gain legs and explore the world without me. I came up from a mid-2012 Unibody MBP that was the last to have a security slot built into the body so the idea...