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apple m1

  1. I

    M1 Pro, M2, or M2 Pro?

    Hi there! I need your advice. I’m a graphic designer that are using adobe photoshop and illustrator most of the time, and I wanted to expand my adobe skills but my current laptop limitations (Dell XPS L401X-Intel Core i7, released in 2010-2011, currently in BIOS battery officially damaged...
  2. L

    iMac M1 enough, spend loads on a Mac Studio + Monitor or hold out for iMac M2?

    Within the next two/three months I am going to need to upgrade from my 21.5 inch late 2013 iMac. I work with stock photography and video and use my iMac for editing photography and now some 4k video too (mostly I do selection and organising, editing metadata, resizing submissions of images)...
  3. K

    Why an iMac or Mac Mini when you can buy a MacBook Pro and dock it?

    I have got an iMac 27 5k late 2014 which accomplished a lot of work until today. Two months ago I replaced my almost no used MacBook Pro 2016 with a MacBook Pro M1. And now I wanted to replaced my desktop old 5k iMac with someone new, but the display size and resolution is very important to me...
  4. TomF1477

    iMac M1: 7core GPU with 16GB RAM vs. 8core GPU with 8GB RAM

    Hi Guys, need some advice. What's the better choice to go for on a M1 iMac. A 7core GPU with 16GB RAM or 8core GPU with 8GB RAM. The SSD is 512GB for both. I am no power user. Occasionally editing some videos on MacOS software or other consumer grade software. I have an offer where they are...
  5. mattdgr8

    Rosetta 2 Install twice dangers?

    I've been using the Macbook Pro M1 for about a month now. It came with Big Sur installed already. (apparently) I've already been using Intel based applications so Rosetta should be installed, although I dont recall ever seeing the dialogue to download it. Long story short, friend came by and...
  6. R

    For Undergrad CS Student: MacBook Pro 13" M1 vs cheaper Windows laptop i7 processor

    For undergrad CS Student is MacBook Pro 13" M1 useful ? I think CS student may need Mac native terminal / bash shell for scripting. Now Window 10 also support bash shell and linux subsystem. Most 3rd party softwares comes with intel x86_64 / AMD distributions, for example common development...
  7. hkjazz

    M1 with OWC thunderbolt 4 hub

    I’m using OWC Thunderbolt 4 Hub with MacBook Air M1. I installed OWC Dock Ejector. When I boot Mac with OWC hub attach, Apple SuperDrive does not work. But I boot Mac then the hub attach, Apple SuperDrive works. Does anyone have same issue?
  8. M

    Is there a way to uninstall Rosetta from M1?

    I need to push out software using an MDM (Addigy) that requires Rosetta, and want to see what this will look like to the end-user, but my M1 Macs are already running Rosetta. Is there any way to uninstall Rosetta from an M1/Silicone Mac so I can run a realistic test?
  9. jumpcutking

    Expected MacBook Pro M1 - Teach me your ways

    So… I didn’t it. I should have waited but… I got Apple Silicon Envy! I have ordered a MacBoon Pro w 16g and an Apple Silicon. I’ve also gotten Final Cut, Motion, and Logic… yes. I may put my Adobe Premiere days and/or Adobe After Effect days behind me. Not sure it’s a good idea… but all the...
  10. iApplereviews

    M1 iMac Initial Impressions

    Got my M1 iMac yesterday and I love it! Not really a first impressions of the M1 hardware itself because I had an M1 mini and MacBook Pro but I decided to get the iMac when I saw the colors. I was a big G3 fan and those where basically what got me started with Apple. When they where announced I...
  11. 2fx1989

    Have you played Battlefield 3 multiplayer on Apple silicon / M1?

    Hi. I'm going to replace my 2009 24 inch iMac soon and am trying to decide whether to go for the 2020 iMac 27 inch or wait for the larger M1(X) 27/30 inch iMac. I know coming from such an old machine that either will be a great machine but I also love Battlefield 3 for casual gaming so I know...
  12. Dt990

    Success: MacOS 9.2 - OSX 10.4 on M1 via QEMU x86

    Hey All, I figured this would be of interest, it's pretty frictionless to run PowerPC OSes via QEMU x86. I fully expected more problems. I haven't seen any try this but I would not be surprised if someone here already has. The requirements are as follows: Xcode + Xcode-select installed x86...
  13. jumpcutking

    How does M1 perform as a server?

    I was tempted to name this thread, "GoFundMe: help me replace all of my servers..." :D Hypothetically, has anyone seen impressive benchmarks on the M1 performing as a server? API/Web/Database/FTP/Email... etc? Traditionally speaking, service providers use our favorite flavor of Linux and load...
  14. 1412

    ipws restore future bugs

    I used the ipws system and worked, but I'm not sure if it will give me trouble in the long run. I asume that this system is like restore your iPhone with and ipws, leaves it like new (removing all the possible issues caused by this error and restoring the recovery partition and all partitions...
  15. Ulfric

    AMD rumored to have a prototype Apple M1 competitor in the works

    AMD may have an Apple M1 competitor in the works. Rumor is that there are two versions of this chip being developed, with and without integrated RAM. It is possible that AMD could be looking to revive its K12 Core design or improve on it with newer Cortex designs to exploit the highly lucrative...
  16. Frantisekj

    Can someone try legendary game Maelstorm on M1? :)

    I just remembered that ultimate 68k Mac game I spent aeons with :D? that was updated for x86. Can someone test it under Roseta?
  17. JanErik75

    YouTube M1 Reviews and Peripherals

    Is it just me, or are most of the M1 YouTube reviews somewhat lacking? No one even mentions how USB peripherals work with these new Macs. You'd think some of them would at least say a word or two about driver compatibility and such. But nope. They just run Geekbech, export a 4K video in FCP and...
  18. S

    Apple M1 Mac Mini - Initial Impression

    Hello All, As a long time user and big fan of the Apple Mac Mini systems, I was really excited to try the new Apple M1 Mac Mini. I received the new Mac a few days ago, so here is my initial impression. Existing System: 2018 i5 6-Core Mac Mini, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage, 1440p Monitor (I use...
  19. nifhanif

    Mac M1 for mobile development

    Hello Whether Apple Mac lineup with M1 can run Android Studio or Flutter smoothly, I saw some on YouTube just open the app, how about debuging in Android Studio?

    Intel or Apple: A simple poll

    Just looking to put some numbers as to what people are going to choose now - not a year out. Feel free to leave comments