apple sim

  1. Yptcn

    Embedded  Sim iPad Pro 10.5

    Just wondering . I'm ordering the Pro 10.5 + Cellular . I'll insert my french sim card and use it as usual at home . My question is : There is an  sim integrated I believe , so when I travel , instead of getting a local sim and switching with my french one , I can use the  sim ? If so ...
  2. samspencer1

    iPad Pro Embedded Apple Sim

    Does anybody know if it is possible to re enable the embedded Apple sim on an iPad Pro? Or do I have to go buy one from Apple.
  3. Kminister

    Iphone SE for data and Apple SIM

    I want to buy an iphone SE to use data plan only, photos and travel. I want to know if it's possible to use Apple SIM card in an iphone, I dont need sms and voice but data in multiple country, if I can do, it will be the best, and if yes how? Thanks
  4. G

    Apple Sim

    I’m confused with Apple Sim. I bought an Ipad Air 2 cellular from Apple store (UK) and it didn’t come with any SIM at all isn’t the Apple sim supposed to ship with the Ipad ??