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apple tv 3 support

  1. Thejimturner

    3rd gen Apple TV with iPhone 7

    Hi, I’m having trouble connecting my 3rd generation Apple TV to my iPhone 7. It is on the same network, but neither one will see that the other is there, not even with Bluetooth. I had some trouble connecting my 1st gen iPad mini to this Apple TV, and found that some of the features were not...
  2. R

    Apple TV 3 Support

    Just curious if I made a mistake snagging two 3rd gen Apple TVs. I didn't wanna spend $100+ so that was the main appeal. I was looking at FireTv, Chromecast, Roku boxes etc. Settled on the Apple TV since I own a lot of iTunes movies and TV shows. My question is... Will Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and...