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apple watch 6

  1. K

    Help! Apple Watch 6 and watchOS 8 cellular issues

    All, I am having issues getting my Apple Watch and watchOS 8 to recognize my cellular plan (Verizon). I am assuming this is an upgrade issue from watchOS 7, and I have reset, erased all content and settings, and unpaired the watch several times, but it will not recognize service. Verizon...
  2. tedwill

    iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 13 Unable to Communicate (or pair) with existing Apple Watch 6

    Hello. Since I got my new iPhone 13 and I upgraded and transferred from my iPhone 12, I can no longer communicate with my Apple Watch 6. It’s not the mask issue, it’s not communicating at all. I turned off both devices, ensured blue tooth was on, etc. Anyone else experiencing this? Any...
  3. B

    Buy Apple watch s6, or AirPods Max

    I really want to enhance my Apple ecosystem, but can´t decide between buying my first Apple watch or a pair of AirPods Max. I have the Airpods pro and i use them all day, so i really want to try out the Max. But the Apple Watch also seem really convenient. So i ask you guys that maybe have...
  4. GrandeLatte

    AW6 severe battery drain

    Hi folks, After a few months, I've noticed the AW6 I got for my dad needs to be charged twice a day CONSISTENTLY. Otherwise it shuts down completely. I own an AW6 too, and I charge mine once a day. Why is this happening? His battery health reads 93%, mine is at 99%. What does this mean? We both...
  5. JanoschR

    Apple Watch Rowing Workout // Calories

    Hi! I have an Apple Watch Series 6 and an indoor rowing machine. I always start a rowing workout in the Workout app and that works fine. However, the calories that I burn during the workout (according to my Apple Watch) are a bit off. While the typical rowing workout should burn between...
  6. Malcy16

    What do you do with your Apple Watch?

    Hello All, I've had an Apple Watch since the launch of the original, since then I've moved to S3 and next month I plan to move again to a S6. When people who aren't as up to speed with Apple and Technology in general ask me what I use it for I just reply with "It is a luxury convenience" - This...
  7. shrazzle

    Space grey vs gold aluminium s6 Apple Watch

    Hello, I’m considering buying my first Apple Watch and wanting one silicone band for working out and one more formal band for going into the office etc. I like the gold aluminium with pink sand band but lots of the amazon Third party Milanese Bands come off looking quite pink a bit cheap. The...
  8. L

    AW Fitness+ Trial (2 watches, 2 trials, Family Sharing?)

    I have a question for this awesome community. Both my spouse and I got our first Apple Watches this fall. We're each eligible for the 3 month Fitness+ Promo. Here's my question. Since Fitness+ is compatible with Family Sharing at no extra charge, is there any reason we couldn't each get our...
  9. K

    Blue Apple Watch

    Hello there, i am about to receive my blue Apple Watch with the dark blue sports band. But now I am not sure if the color choice was the right one. In my opinion the blue watch can be combined with only a few bracelets. What do you think? Should I return it and just get the space black model?
  10. L

    Anyone using an Apple Watch 6 with asthma?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if any Apple Watch 6 owners out there have asthma, and if so - has the series 6 given any benefit over previous versions? I guess the blood oxygen monitoring is the obvious upgrade over the 5, which perhaps could be useful. I'm not expecting the 6 to be a miracle...
  11. D

    Apple Watch 6 blue with black strap

    Hi all, I’m looking at the Apple 6 blue aluminium watch but wondering if anyone has pictures of it with a black strap. I can’t decide if it matches and will work for professional and casual look. I’m thinking space gray can go with any colour strap, therefore making it more versatile. Also...
  12. bogie66

    Apple Watch 6 can't scroll through setting menu

    Hello all. I've been setting up my series 6 Apple Watch since I received it yesterday, but I noticed that I can't scroll through the settings menu with the digital crown. I'm coming from a series 3, and I did it all the time. I can use the screen to scroll no problem, and in most other...