apple watch series 2

  1. applefanharish

    Apple Watch Series 2

    Hey All, Here is my first post on this forum. I have an Apple Watch Series 2 currently running with 6.1.2 (17S796). I had iPhone 6 running iOS 12 all these days and Apple Watch Series 2 was paired to it. It was working fine until i bought a new iPhone 11 and paired my Series 2 watch to it. I...
  2. rosegoldoli

    Resolved Keep getting "This item is temporarily unavailable" pop up after update

    I keep getting the following message on my Apple Watch Series 2 after updating to 6.1.1. I've restarted the watch, unpaired and reset, and nothing seems to work. Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. SPNBaby

    Replacement time frame.

    I had an appointment at the Genius Bar Thursday due to my watch not working. He took one look and issued a replacement. I was given the choice of pick up or delivered to my home address. I chose store pick up as he said it would be the fastest option. I was just wondering if anyone knew a...
  4. Appwatchgirl

    Apple Watch Sport Series 2 - Bezel Chipped

    I've only had my Apple Watch Series 2 for 3 months. I've been super cautious with it, the other day I barely tapped it against the corner of a wall at work and there is now a small chip on the bezel (see photo). I know this wouldn't bother a majority of people, but I saved up months to be able...
  5. T

    Apps Why doesn't Whatsapp have an Apple Watch app yet?

    Seriously why? 98% of the time, I am using Whatsapp rather than Messages. Unfortunately, you are only able to respond if Whatsapp messages received and if you want to create a new message, you are out of luck! So anybody knows why still there is no native Whatsapp app yet? Are developers...
  6. M

    Apple Watch S2 GPS Workout Question

    For those of you that have received your Apple Watch S2 already, I was wondering if your phone had to be disconnected for you to set up the Apple Watch to use it's built in GPS? For example: If I am at home and I leave my phone by the door and head outside to go for a run, if the Apple Watch...
  7. ISRMafia

    Buy AW Series 2 Although not a fitness guy?

    Hey guys , I really wanna buy the AW Series 2 & im really excited to experience the full Apple ecosystem. I have an iPhone 6s & i will buy a Macbook in the next few days . So my question is , Should i buy the Apple Watch Series 2 Although i'm not a fitness guy which is what the watch is heavily...