1. z970mp

    PowerPC Wallpapers

    Here's a refreshing idea out of left field. Let's make or find custom wallpapers for our artful machines and pin them here under differing categories, so that they can be shared with everyone and the rest of the world. :) The base idea is that since most of these Macs had creative, sometimes...
  2. alex0404

    iPhone New Live Wallpapers & HD Backgrounds App

    Hello, This is my first thread in this amazing website. I'm a mobile developer from many years. Today I have release a new App for iPhone users (soon will be made for iPad users). The app name is: Live Wallpapers HD Backgrounds. With this app you can choose amazing live wallpapers and HD fixed...
  3. O

    Apple Watch - minimal dynamic custom backgrounds

    Hello Fellow watch users, I'm designing a library of wallpapers that would be color customizable with the crown on a future. I'm hoping to get like minded creatives to help develop this project with me. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  4. 3dfiction

    iPad Free 2560x2560p 3D Art Wallpapers

    i would like to share my 2 pieces high resolution 3D Art and Fractal Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad if you like premium pack at