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bad update

  1. lukewarm74

    Apple TV Remotes No Longer Work as of 4/2

    My wife and I noticed that our Apple TV remote was no longer working this morning. We tried charging it, but it didn't help, and the Apple TV didn't report that it was charging (on screen). We didn't think much of it, but figured a hardware issue must've come up with it. A few hours later, we...
  2. mdnyates

    Macbook Air black screen after updated

    I have a MacBook air that was purchased for my daughter for college in August 2017. Recently she did an update and since then it will turn on and we here the chime but the screen stays completely black. I have tried various steps such as hift+Control+Option+Power button at the same time for a...
  3. G

    WARNING battery drain after update to Sierra

    Hi All A warning and hopefully some help. Since I updated my MID 2014 MBP retina from Mavericks to Sierra My battery drains about 3 times faster than before. Without having some concrete numbers, since the update last week the laptop shut down twice already because of no battery, and nearly...