battery case

  1. B

    Are there any Side Effects to putting a iPhone XR in a iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case?

    I’m wondering if anyone has tried that for the camera button and more battery capacity?
  2. PhillyGuy72

    XS Max Smart Battery Case - Question

    I picked up the Apple Battery case yesterday, no problems with charging, connection right now. Quick question, the phone and battery case was at 100% at 11:30pm when I went to bed - I left the phone on my desk. When I woke up at 6:30am, the Smart battery case % was at 79% (Phone still read...
  3. C

    Help with charging when you are out and about

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has an alternative solution for charging when you are out and about. I struggle with the battery on the 7, I’m contemplating getting an 8, I’ve been using batter packs anywhere from 5000 mah to 20 mah and had the same issue. Charging from pocket to pocket...
  4. HappyDude20

    iPhone 8(+) Apple Battery Case for iPhone 8?

    hi all I remember Apple releasing a battery case for the iPhone 6 back in the day, the one with the hump and I hear you can use this case on the 6S and the 7 but was wondering if there would be any limitations I’m not aware of in using the case for the iPhone 8? I know the case wouldn’t work...
  5. HeatherA

    Best iPhone X Battery Case

    Very disappointed that Apple did not create a battery case for the X, I need one for an upcoming trip and I've been buying some from Amazon but am not 100% thrilled with any of them. I'd love to know which ones you guys are using and your thoughts on them. Thanks!
  6. K

    Will Apple make a battery case for the IPhone X?

    Will Apple make a battery case for the IPhone X? So far, I am satisfied with the battery but would like a battery case for my heavy use on certain days. I’m welcome to hear about third party products as well.
  7. somethingelsefl

    iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case suggestions?

    I just got my 8 Plus and I am a heavy user so I need a battery case. I had the Apple "Smart Battery Case" for my iPhone 7 and HATED it. It peeled, cracked and was a disaster at the end of my carrier's upgrade. That being said this is what I would like to have with the case: Lightning...
  8. Dunkrag

    Mophie Juice Pack Wireless vs Juice Pack Air

    So just picked up a Juice Pack Wireless for the 8+ from Apple store. To me surprise it comes with the Mophie branded charing base in the box (not the same as the one sold separately and I don't think it is fast charging capable.. but even so.. ) It was £90. I actually thought I was buying...
  9. maketheone

    How to charge your phone with low battery?

    I have an iPhone 6 and I am used to charge my phone with a power bank. Undoubtedly, a power bank is really helpful especially when I go out and my phone is going to die. You know, without iPhone, few people can live happily, haha~ Recently, I see my friends starting to use battery case. Maybe...
  10. vpontis

    iPhone battery case w/ swappable battery

    I make an iPhone battery case with a swappable battery. It comes with two batteries, so when the battery in the case is dead, you can swap out with the fully charged on you have at home. The case is called CoBattery and our goal is to ensure you never have to plug in your phone again. Here...
  11. W

    Help with Integrated Battery Charger?

    Hi all, As a frequent flyer, I have owned and lost many chargers. So two friends and made something to fix this problem. I am hoping to get some feedback on the product. Thanks for any suggestions in advance.
  12. O

    Kuke "chinless" battery case for iPhone 6/6S

    Has anyone tried one of these Kuke cases from Kuner? Uses a similar chinless design to Indegogo-funded ThinCharge discussed here...