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  1. B

    Buy now or wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    So I’m looking to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, after finally getting fed up with my 2010 MacBook. B&H has a sale ending tonight, with the 2017 Touch Bar pros included. The specs I’m looking at are $450 off ($1549 instead of $1999). I know there were no new MacBook pros announced yesterday, so...
  2. JAZJB

    B&H Apple Watch Early Preorders Shipping in October!

    I am so disappointed with B&H!! I preordered the Apple Watch series 4 on Friday at 3:14am EST, but I haven’t received a SINGLE update on my order since! After checking the never-changing status of my order online a gazillion times like a crazy person, I finally decided to call them today to find...
  3. A

    Where to purchase for best price?

    USA MAC Users - where do you purchase your new apple products? I have always purchased directly from Apple. B&H appears to offer better pricing. I've read that apple will match price, but have not seen where a buyer can price match when purchasing online from Apple/com. I also noticed B&H...
  4. C

    iMac packing method from B&H

    Does anyone know if B&H ships orders of iMacs inside a brown box or bare with the Apple iMac packaging displayed?