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boot up

  1. PliSsK

    Intermittent shut down during booting of old PowerMac G4

    I have an EMC 1864 PowerMac G4 with 1GB RAM, running OS 9.2.1 and 10.4 that I am close to retiring/selling (it is not my primary computer). Sometimes when I press the power or reset button to start up the machine the screen remains black and instead of a grey screen appearing and booting it just...
  2. seyoon_c09

    Missing Boot Up Chime New iMacs for 2017

    For my first post here I thought I would share this. I got a new 27inch iMac 5K that was released during WWDC this last Monday, and have realized that Macs signatured boot up chime is missing like the new MacBook Pros. My mid 2015 15inch MacBook Pro still has the normal famous boot up sound upon...

    Retina Macbook pro 15" late 2013 Won't turn on

    Hi Guys, I was watching netflix last night and fell asleep while watching it so I woke up the next morning to notice that my MacBook pro won't turn on at all not even the apple lego.I tried the SMC setting while charging (light would turn green then it would turn orange then I left it to charge...
  4. deanmys43

    How to make iPhone think it's a white version?

    I recently restored a Space Gray iPhone 5, but I put it in a white/silver body (I forget the color name Apple gives it). Is there any way I can permanently have the boot screen be a white start up screen instead of black? I'm cool with jailbreaking my phone to get it, but I want to be able to...
  5. D

    How to stop a program from loading on bootup ElCapitan

    I loaded a new program on my IMAC (BBEDIT) which works great for what I need. However when ever I boot up it loads automatically. How to I find the folder that has the Start up programs in it?