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  1. S

    Passcode screen--any way to turn it black?

    I often read ebooks in the middle of the night, in a pitch black room. Unfortunately, the passcode screen comes up as a bright light-grey rather than black. Is there any way of changing that? It's a pre-Touch ID device, so I have to use the passcode. I've explored changing some of the...
  2. ZircoBen

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11" (2018) Bright Spot on Display? Will it get worse?

    I bought an iPad Pro 11" on the cheap on eBay, and it came with a big dent on the back and a bright spot on the display. I got it for such a good price ($250) that I'm willing to accept these tradeoffs. Attached are photos of these two defects. However, I'm curious if anyone has seen these...
  3. Z

    bright or glare beams?

    How would you call the bright/glare beams that surround the lemon? (I dont know if they are called bright or glare beams, im just trying to describe my question, that is why the title is named the way it is :) )
  4. M

    No brightness control of MacBook Pro built-in screen from Windows

    I recently spent several hours getting Windows (10, build 17763 LTSC) going on a circa-2012 MacBook Pro (the 15" "retina" model, if it matters) and eventually got through the DSDT disaster to get sound working, the Bluetooth rigmarole, the horrible "Boot Camp" software, and the Precision...
  5. A

    Dead Pixel on Macbook pro 2020

    I just bought new macbook pro 2020 13 inch , entry level 256 gb from Ibox ( Indonesian Authorized Premium Apple reseller ) on their online shop (shopee). When I unboxing, the whole thing just good until 2 days i found small bright pixel on the right corner side near the bezel when i played film...
  6. marmiteturkey

    iPad Pro Bright spot on iPad Pro 10.5 screen

    I have an approx 1in spot on my iPad Pro screen which is brighter than the rest of the screen - it's unevenly lit. The spot is about 2in above the home button, and although it has soft edges, I'm anal about my gadgets, and the difference in brightness could be described as 'minor', it's clearly...
  7. rhett7660

    Netflix Original Movie "Bright"

    Did anybody else catch this yet? Both me and the wife really dug it. We kind of thought it was a nice melding of genres and we both really liked the cop who was also Orc. I won't go into to many spoilers, yet... From my understanding the budget was pretty big for this so hopefully it pays...