1. T

    Does Private browsing turn off when the device is powered off?

    I had private browsing on and if I shut off the device, when I turn it back on, will the private tab still be open?
  2. PinkyMacGodess

    Is Firefox reporting my email address when I visit a website?

    I've had this strange feeling that something is reporting my email address when I visit websites.Here's what's happening: I'll go to the MSNBC website and open a lot of tabs for the news items that interest me, and it seems that on some days, like yesterday, I will then get bombed with tons of...
  3. -BigMac-

    Set Safaris 'Private Browsing' On Default

    Hi Guys. Is it possible to do this? If one wants to be in private browsing all the time, surely theres a setting in Safari I have missed? Thanks!