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    Call of Duty 2 - Multiplayer doesn't work

    Hi Guys! I'm new to Mac users so I don't know if there is a solution for my problem. I've just started playing Cod 2 on my late 15 iMac. Of course the System Specs. are way above the requirements. Single player works well as it should be, but when I want to play MP, then the icon starts...
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    Gaming and Joystick Help - Old iMac

    So I'm looking for Christmas present advice - have very little knowledge and would appreciate all help available. My dad has a very old iMac (09/10 I think), it's update to highest level of iOS it can but I'm not sure what that is. When we used to have a PC he loved to play games like Call of...
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    Cod 4 unable to play games with mods

    Hi! I just bought cod 4 modern warfare from the app store but it seems like I can only play servers without mods. Every time I select a server with a mod, the game stops and I have to relaunch it in safe mode. I think I have to download a mod-pack somewhere but I don't know which one. Thanks