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  1. Rizvi1

    Best Canon HV20 mini DV camcorder replacement?

    Pulled my Canon HV20 out for the first time in a year to record the kids' presentations at their school, but ended up just learning it's time to retire this. I was fighting all the problems - battery, skipping during playback, etc. But now I can't connect it to my computer anymore, it seems it's...
  2. R

    UPDATED: Old Video Tapes Conversion via Thunderbolt / Firewire (for Camcorders, Video Decks and Players that supported ieee 1394, Firewire, iLink).

    UPDATED: June 14 2022 Thought I'd post this as a thread in case someone else searching for the method down the road regarding converting old videos on tapes if you have a old device that had a ieee 1394, firewire, iLink, type connector built into it -- such as my Sony DCR-TRV103 Camcorder did...
  3. M

    Mini DV Casettes onto MacBook pro

    Hi everyone. I’m having some issues with transferring my mini DV tapes onto my MacBook pro 2017 osX Big Sur. I have all the connections i.e 4p to 9p firewire, FireWire to thunderbolt adapter, thunderbolt to USB-C. I have a Sony DCR-TVR18E camcorder. My Mac isn’t recognising that the camcorders...
  4. Christopher11

    Transfer from Camcorder to MB Pro: Must Be FireWire?

    Hi. Last night I made some new video and tried to transfer from the camcorder to my new 2012 MB. I realized the cable I used for my older Power Mac had been FW 400 to mini FW, which worked fine. Of course it didn't work with the MB Pro, because it's FireWire 800. It's an older Panasonic mini...