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  1. P

    Captcha issues - Monterey 12.5?

    Since updating to 12.5, I've found Captchas impossible. Round and round and round. When I thought I'd reached the point at which they believe I am human, it goes back to the beginning. Close friend also having issues. (I use mostly Firefox, friend uses mostly Safari.) Difficulty is knowing...
  2. D

    Did Apple remove the service that was able to check the warranty status of its products?

    Just as the title says: I can´t find anymore the webpage or service that Apple has always offered in which you could just check the warranty status of any of their products by introducing its serial number in a form together with a captcha verification code. Does anyone knows if it was...
  3. maverick28

    Captcha not working in Safari 5

    I know the browser is old however other than being unable to pass Recaptcha Test by ticking the check-box "I'm not a robot" I can successfully navigate, post etc on this forum without issues. I disabled my extensions, reloaded the page with no difference. I had to reset my pass with Waterfox but...