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car audio

  1. D

    Forced To Choose Bluetooth Connection In Car (13 pro max)

    Hey gang. When I get in the car, the phone connects to the the stereo and music plays right away. The issue is that if making call or receiving a call I am forced to select which blue tooth device I want to connect to. The only other device attached is my fitbit. I have deleted the connection...
  2. Mountaineer304

    iPod Should I buy a Ipod 6th Gen or a older Iphone model specifically for music,GPS and videos for my car

    Hey there so the question is should I buy a ipod touch 6th generation or should I buy a nice used iphone 6 plus or 7 plus?? My wife and I currently both have Iphone Xs Max's, Apple iwatch series 4's, Two Macbooks and a new generation ipad, top that off with Apple TV and bam the house is wired...
  3. milleron

    iPhone XS Max plays Bluetooth audio in car but cannot be controlled from car

    On my 6 Plus with all versions of iOS 12, the communication between the phone and car was perfect with Pandora and Apple Music. Album art and song artist/title always displayed, and I could control the music apps from the car controls. This car, a Tesla Model S does not have Car Play, but...
  4. ppdix

    iPhone Bluetooth issues in the car

    Since beta 5 or 6 of iOS12 I've had problems reconnecting Bluetooth to my 2 cars. Both are 2018 Audi. The connection shows "Connected" but it doesn't work. I have to manually turn off BT in the iPhone X and turn on, then it works fine until I stop the car and it loses the connection. It happens...
  5. U

    iPhone X iPhone X low volume over Bluetooth Streaming

    Hey, Hoping someone might be able to help me with this, when I connect my iPhone X to my cars system to stream music via Bluetooth the volume level seems extremely low, if I change back to DAB/CD the source plays at around double the volume of that of my iPhone X. Anyone know how I fix this...
  6. alingham

    iPod iPod Classic no longer powering on with car ignition

    Recently (in the last 6 months), my iPod classic Video (30GB) has stopped powering up when I start my car. I leave the iPod plugged in via USB and this has been working fine, turning on and playing my tunes with the car stereo. 6 months ago this stopped happening. Instead, I have to now lean...
  7. J

    Is it possible for iOS 10.3 Public Beta 1 to freeze car infotainment?

    Hi all, I saw on MacRumors that iOS 10.3 beta became available on Apple's public beta site, so I signed up and gave it a try yesterday. I'm loving everything on the phone, but when I drove to dinner tonight and connected the phone to my car, the infotainment system froze after a few minutes of...
  8. E

    iPhone 7 Bluetooth issues with car audio.

    Hi, is anyone having issues with the audio when the iPhone is connected via bluetooth to car? is when I'm listening to music the music skips just like when a CD is scratch. I tried it with Bose SoundLink 2 and no problems whatsoever. Thanks.