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cd burner

  1. zezee3

    CD burner

    What does this mean?..... The disc can't be burned, because the device failed to calibrate the laser power level for this media.
  2. iulop

    Strange behaviour from mac mini g4 combo drive

    It seems that my mac mini combo drive is failing . When i burn a disk all goes well until I eject the same disk and insert it again in my mac mini then it prompts me to eject the disc because it cannot read it. What can be done ? The mini reads disks burned on other computers but it does not...
  3. Patth9

    Need new Optical Drive - which one? #2

    Someone told me start a new thread on this topic, so here I am. Assuming the fellow who put up the pictures, is still in the neighborhood. This is the dead drive (burner) I have. Please compare.