cf card

  1. biggest father1

    Do CF cards work with the new iPad Pro?

    My wife and I just recently bought a new iPad Pro for photography work to see if it could replace a 2014 MacBook Pro. Well, we’re loving it so far. But I can not seem to get the iPad Pro to read the CF cards that we use with our 5D Mark IV. We’re using a USB-C adapter which picks up the RAW...
  2. P

    How do I recover deleted pictures from Compact Flash Drive?

    I am looking for the data recovery tool to retrieve my deleted pictures from CF drive. How would I make sure if my picture format is supported? Please help me with 2-3 best software option.
  3. soulbot

    Can't offload camera cards — (Error code -36)

    I posted this on the forums to no avail. I have found plenty of "solutions" but the popular fix doesn't work for me. Such a basic problem — so incredibly irritating. I can't copy images off of my camera cards (both SD & CF) after moving from 10.8.5 to 10.11.3. I incessantly get the...
  4. M

    Inconsistent transfer speeds

    Hi! Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I have been transferring data from a CF card to my iMac and the speeds have been really weird. So the first transfer was in the 60GB range and took about 30minutes. I put in another card (exact same brand and model (Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB))...
  5. H

    CF and SD Card solutions for 2016 MBP?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what the best solutions everyone has found for using both CF and SD cards on their new MacBook Pro's. Support for CFast and not just CFlash would also be ideal, though by no means a deal breaker. I have been looking on B&H and nothing that uses type c have any...