1. S

    My endless iPhone X case search continues, vol 2

    I thought about adding this post to the merged iPhone X case thread, but I don't want to hijack that. At least this way people who want to ignore my post won't have to scroll past it in that thread or the responses from people who are sick of reading about my requirements. My needs are overly...
  2. willmtaylor

    Apple Pencil Clip & Grip

    I've searched the threads and come up empty, so apologies if this needs to be merged later on. I'm looking for a cheap & easy Apple Pencil solution. I thought I had read that some mechanical pencil clips could be removed and used with the Apple Pencil. However, I haven't been able relocate...
  3. H

    Both fans (almost) screwed up

    Starting a month or so ago, my 15" mid-2012 MBP starting making loud whirring noises and I suspected it to be the HDD and made a backup for everything just in case it failed. I decided to take a look for myself inside the Mac and turns out it is one of the fans (the left one) that's making these...