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clock app

  1. R

    iPhone App for Decimal hour clock?

    Hello, Is there an iOS app which shows current time as decimal hours? Preferably free? Example: Current time 11:50 AM would show as 11:83 AM. I found a few apps which offer total decimal clock, ie. the hours are converted to decimals too. But I need a clock which only converts the minute/second...
  2. wozmatic

    Why does the clock app default to coutdown instead of your previous view?

    Hi everyone, Say we start a timer to time something. Now, let's do something else while it's timing. A few moments later, let's check on that timer. We can swipe up for the control center and open the clock app or click the icon on the home screen.. LOOK - the countdown is the first screen...
  3. V

    Can someone confirm iOS 10.3 Beta bug with "Timer"?

    Hi, everyone! I've been using the public beta of iOS 10.3 and I was wondering if someone could please confirm this bug that I found with the Timer in the Clock app. I've already reported this from Beta 1 on but it doesn't seem to be getting fixed. When the timer runs out if your phone is...
  4. R

    Is there any app that can let me set alarm for a particular date?

    I often have work events that are a couple weeks off in the morning. I'd like to set an alarm for that particular day, 2 weeks away. Is there any iPhone app that would let me do this? I need one that will work even if the phone is on silent like the native alarm does. Thanks!
  5. H

    Where has my full screen clock gone?

    I used to love having my iPad on my dresser over night, full screen showing the clock. I could access it from the lock screen but now in ios 10 all I can only get an overall world view. Does anyone know how to get the clock full screen again? Cheers