1. dood_son

    Internal SSD not showing while booted from external drive

    Hello all, FACTS: I am trying to clone an external volume (located on a USB 3,5" 500GB HDD SATA drive) to an internal SSD flash drive of my A1398 15" Macbook Pro (mid-2014, 2.8 GHz i7, dedicated graphics). The problem that I am getting is that once booted from the external volume (a CCC clone...
  2. Thor774

    Offsite backup question

    I am polishing my backup routine. Some years ago when my main PC was a Windows machine I had this setup: - 512GB internal SSD with OS and program installations. - 2 TB internal disk for storage - 3 TB internal disk for storing local encrypted daily images of my 2 other disks going back...
  3. Leo Bruno

    How to create SSD image with Mac OS X and Windows ?

    Hi: On a MacBook Pro I have a 240gb SSD and 1TB HDD drives. The SSD disc is partitioned as follows: #1 - EFI #2 - Mac Os X (Mac Os Expanded) #3 - Mac Recover #4 - Windows 7 (NTFS) The HDD is partitioned as a single NTFS patition. I need to create an image file from the SSD disc and save it...