1. HappyDude20

    Universal APPS: How Can I Make a DEEP FAKE similar to this picture? (For fun, of course)

    I want to superimpose my best friends face onto Marty McFly, similar is to how Tom Holland has been. Video would be best, as I’ll dub my best friends voice. Though video is preferred, photo I guess works satisfactory as well. I know there’s a lot of fear regarding deep fakes in the past few...
  2. pat500000

    Just venting: Mac Pro Post Keynote video

    Meh, I just want to make fun of the current situation. I see lot of frustration, maybe I can cheer someone up with a quick editing of OFFICE SPACE clip: Tim Cook (post keynote edition). I'm testing out a new version of FCPX...not used to it.
  3. NoWayBehind

    First MacBook Pro Late 2016 Unboxing

    Nevermind... Video is down. And yes I think it was funny