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  1. PartumSimplexINC


    The Skywire: The Comic Book Game application presents challenging obstacles with vintage in-game images in order for the interactive users to compete within their respected social groups. Fly fighter jets inside of a comic book, in order to defeat the villain. BUT be careful, as the villain may...
  2. P

    Comic Landscape - A large way to read your comics

    Recently published app that lets you read your cbr/cbz/pdf/rar/zip comics in landscape mode (portrait also supported in settings) The reader can read the comic by tapping on the bottom of the screen or top of the screen to go down or up half a page. In an upcoming update you'll be able to browse...
  3. peakman

    Universal Animated Novel 【Beastly Crusader】

    Hi, My animated novel 【Beastly Crusader】is now available in Appstore, please help me spread the word out! iTunes: “Children standing at the Crossroad, What have you chosen in the end?" A Chaotic Era, confusing warriors… Between Heaven and Earth, a Holy War initiated...